#1393 Dress shoes and me – a tale of unrequited love

All shoes: Mark McNairy from here and here.

There’s a good reason I’m never seen in anything other than Chucks (or more recently, Vans), and this is it: proper leather shoes terrify me. There’ll no doubt be some Freudian rationale behind this most irrational fear harking back to my school days – I do remember feeling a constant need to rebel against the institutionally-imposed uniform, and as a result spent many a day in detention for swapping my Rugged Sharks for DCs skate shoes.

But now it’s getting to the point where if I don’t break the habit soon, I may never. I’ve tried lots of alternatives – Clarks Desert Boots, Loakes, vintage Kangaroo leather wingtips, but it’s that age old dilemma of walking out the front door, freaking out, and running back inside to put on the old faithfuls. Sneakers are my security blanket. But something’s gotta give.

So I’ve decided that I need to go halfway. A blue suede wingtip with clompy soles or a white nubuck, or even a two-tone saddle shoe. Nothing too black or austere or obviously institutional. The hunt has begun, and so far Mark McNairy is leading the pack. Until then, there’s a brand new pair of Maroon Chucks at Pat Menzies with my name on them.


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  1. says

    I quite like my black suede ones from Hush Puppies (such a yuppie, I know). I’m a chick but actually got the men’s ones because they were better looking than the women’s version they had, lucky I fit the smallest men’s size. They weren’t too expensive either — retail was around $130 but I had a discount so paid around $100?

  2. Anonymous says

    Come to Melbourne and get some moroon made to measure leather shoes made for $180.. a few places will do it

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