#1395 The facts of life

Photo: The Fashionables

1. New Zealand is quite far away from the rest of the world, but the internet is global. If you replicate another company’s work and put the evidence online, there’s a high probability that people will notice. Bear that in mind.

2. There is only one Ricky Gervais and only one David Brent. Many have attempted to replicate the subtle nuances of that genius performance, all have failed. The latest in a long line of fallen heroes – Jeremy Corbett on last night’s Ben and Jeremy’s Big Road Trip.

3. Okay so the media aren’t allowed to report on suicides for fear of copycats, but they can tell us to choose Blackberry for all our non-traceable messaging needs. Good to know.

4. New Zealand has just five pairs of maroon hightop Chuck Taylors coming into the country this afternoon, and they’re all going to Pat Menzies. I’m getting the size eights. Four pairs left…

5. Why would you enter a modelling competition and not bother learning how to walk in high heels? Top Model premiered last Friday, and it would seem, judging by their lack of foresight, that several of the final 14 really are just pretty faces.

6. Colin Mathura-Jeffree however is the greatest thing to happen to New Zealand television since I don’t even know when.

7. Want to cringe like you’ve never cringed before? Watch the interview that Paul Henry did with Pamela Anderson when she was in New Zealand last year. How many times can one man mention the word Playboy in the space of five minutes? You’d be amazed.

8. Speaking of Ms. Anderson, New Zealand Fashion Week is still claiming that one as a success story. Agree to disagree.

9. Stylists, check your models’ outfits properly before they get photographed. Case in point: Sara Tetro in last week’s Viva. Great shot, but did anybody else notice the cardboard label was still on her pants?

10. Who is Salt? I don’t know but I’m dying to find out.


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  1. says

    Thank you thank you thank you for at long last saying exactly what I’ve been thinking ever since Pamela-Bloody-Anderson’s tacky display last year. It’s like NZ’s own version of The Emporer’s New Clothes – even fashion sites that I normally respect have been warbling on about what a highlight it was. Seriously? Is our opinion of NZ Fashion so low that a ridiculous display by an aging, tasteless attention seeker makes us feel that we’ve at last made it to the big time? That’s just sad.

  2. says

    OH completely agree with many! Pamela Anderson – she is good for one thing publicity wise – PETA.
    AND those NZTM contestants are RIDIC! If i was going to even AUDITION to be a contestant, i would be sitting on youtube and watching show after show – there must even be instructions on youtube somewhere – it is youtube..

    Why wouldnt you practice/ try on a pair of heels…argh nu zullinders


  3. Anonymous says

    God. Could you at least tell us the designer of Stamm’s exceptional dress in the midst of that talk…. Marni? Haven’t noticed it online.

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