#1396 Tips for the Top Model girls

Photo: Russ Flatt

Embody a larger than life character from the get go. Holly is a perfect example – in a single breath she’ll laugh at other girls’ misfortunes and declare she’s not there to make friends, all the while walking perfectly in high heels. That, in a nutshell, is genius television.

This is a modelling competition so when the judges ask you what you want to be when you grow up, telling them, “Stylist” or “Photographer” isn’t going to win you any favours. Just say, “Model” and be done with it.

Make sure you have a weird, unusual, interesting or eccentric side that can become a constant talking point on the show – it’ll guarantee you go a few rounds further. For example: an identical twin sister, a love for Jesus that might inhibit you from doing certain shoots, or just sell yourself as a crazed perfectionist.

Blow the judges out of the water with a beautiful quote like, “My greatest achievement in life so far would be not being pregnant and or in jail.” Ching ching, straight through to the next round. Ditto for rags to riches stories.

Like Colin said, “They were crazy to come on this show without [learning how to] walk in high heels.” Girls, learn how to walk in high heels. You wouldn’t go to a job interview for a newsreader position without having the ability to read, right?

Take some notice of what’s happening in the fashion/modelling world – it’s not too often that we see a real life top model standing head-on to the camera with her hands planted firmly on her hips. Natural movement for the win.

My favourite so far: Michaela.


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  1. says

    It’s not even just the NZNTM girls who seem oblivious to what is required as a model, ANTM has its fair share too. Perhaps it’s part of the casting – “Do you know anything about being a model?”; “No”; “You’re in!” – because it does of course make for good television. And as for the ones whose religious beliefs have them reluctant to do some shoots – don’t even get me started on them! But again, makes for good TV.

  2. Anonymous says

    surely the best comment was if I don’t get in I am going to be forced to take up adult entertainment….I am a touch confused as to how NZTM will prevent that from happening ……

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