#1397 Just your everyday, Run Of The Mill shoes

Photos: Run Of The Mill

While we’re on the topic of shoes – my new obsession – here’s another win from Mark McNairy. Named Loden Green Suede Longwings, they’re a collaboration with Run Of The Mill, an online store owned and run by everybody’s favourite menswear Q&A Tumblr-er L.A.S. (How To Talk To Girls At Parties). If one pair of shoes was ever going to inspire a guy to ditch his sneakers, these would be them. They’re walking perfection – suede, green and crepe-soled. But sadly, it’s not to be, for this guy at least. I’m a size eight and the smallest they’ve got is a nine and a half. A more generously endowed man could pick them up from here for a paltry $350 USD. Back to the drawing board I go, and back to the Chucks.

More photos below.


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