#1400 Band of Outsiders X Sperry – not your typical boat shoes

I dub this the week of shoes. It’s like every time I load up a new website there’s at least one covet-worthy pair. This time it’s the Band of Outsiders X Sperry Fall 2010 collection. The range is pretty low-key – just boat shoes and loafers, but they’re all made from the most awesome fabrics imaginable, like corduroy, sheepskin and wool melton. It’s like they’ve taken the American classics and dragged them through the English countryside. My jam. My favourites are the corduroy boat shoes, above. Unlike the traditional Sperry Topsider, they have two sets of lace holes and a set of hooks. It’s a small detail, but it makes all the difference. I’m obsessed.

Full collection, below.

Photos: Surrender and SlamXHype


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  1. Anonymous says

    I will spray my Pimpjuice all over these sad shoes and then slap you with them. Isaac??? Pimpjuiceslap! LOL!

  2. Anonymous says

    ouh cool, thanks for this piece Isaac. Sperry doesn’t have much of a market in NZ so its nice to see it getting recognition from a kiwi blogger. my family having been making their shoes since i can remember.

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