#1401 Top Model Episode 2 Live Blog

Photo: TV3

7:30pm: Sara Tetro has blown the glitter, and just like that, the show has begun.

7:34pm: The girls have arrived in Auckland, a first time for some. They’re inside the Top Model house, it’s pretty fly.

7:36pm: Estelle used to be a size 16 – “Being here is such an achievement for me.” Oh my weight loss!

7:36pm: We have our first guest judge – ‘International Model’ Anna Fitzpatrick.

7:41pm: Holly is going to be trouble this season and I like it.

7:42pm: First challenge of the day separated those who can dress from those who can’t, which isn’t technically a necessity of being a model – I’ve seen some models who couldn’t style themselves to save their lives. But nevertheless, in a market like New Zealand where they’ll be competing for few jobs, it can make all the difference.

7:45pm: The claws have come out already. Chasms are appearing between the young and the old. The old might win this battle, but the teenagers needn’t worry – they have a far higher chance of a career in modelling.

7:47pm: On the vertigo challenge – Dakota: “You know I rocked that rope.”

7:50pm: Colin: “I love Danielle, the problem is I don’t think Danielle loves Danielle.”

7:51pm: I do feel sorry for the girls in this type of challenge, it favours the fearless. Reminds me of Christy Turlington: “I remember doing a shoot for Herb Ritts, hanging off the Eiffel Tower — that wasn’t your usual day at the office. It was terrifying and in the end you couldn’t really tell how high I was because the photographer was scared of heights so he was quite far away from me. It only happened rarely, but sometimes you did feel that you were contributing to a piece of art.”

7:54pm: I’m still waiting for any of the girls to stand out above the rest, but it’s early days yet. If I had to pick at this stage, I’d go for Michaela, based on looks alone.

7:56pm: After their high rope practice, the Top Models will be doing a wire shoot with Rob Trathern. Looks like they’re shooting at Kingsize, think I just saw Atip Wananuruks styling.

7:58pm: Call of the episode – one of the twins… “When I was hoisted up it felt like I was giving birth to a dinosaur!”

7:59pm: Eva’s not a bad little poser. A little shaky in real life but as soon as she gets in front of the camera she turns it on.

8:00pm: Michaela is definitely one to watch, Courtenay too.

8:02pm: Rob Trathern to Danielle: “You look really over it. You have 20 seconds, 10 more frames.” Her first instinct seems to be to give up. Push through the pain Danielle, push through the pain!

8:04pm: Enough of the cattiness, show us some modelling!

8:06pm: Well we can guarantee Holly will stick around a fair few rounds on nastiness alone. Speaking about Amelia: “She’s dead to me.”

8:08pm: Check Chloe Graham in the Farmers ad. That’s a real model.

8:09pm: Interesting to see that the twins aren’t being compared to each other as much as you’d imagine – I would have thought they’d be playing them off against each other as much as possible.

8:10pm: I’m sorry, but Los Angeles? Last season Christobelle was sent to New York! Los Angeles is the home of movies not fashion.

8:11pm: When one twin cries, both twins cry!!

8:12pm: Courtenay’s photo is HOT, ditto Michaela. HOT.

8:13pm: New Zealand’s Next Top Model has a seriously ethnically diverse cast this season – they’ve done very well to represent all of New Zealand’s different inhabitants.

8:15pm: Eva kills it in photographs, but where is she in real life!? I’m amazed that such a shy girl can work it so well.

8:16pm: Holly’s not the best model but she brings some serious drama to the house, so she’s safe.

8:17pm: Danielle has a bad attitude but like she said, her greatest achievement is not being pregnant or in jail. The girl’s a product of her environment – you watch the judges break her then make her.

8:19pm: At this stage I’d say Estelle will be the first to leave the Top Model house. The judges had nothing positive to say about her, she’s outta here. Amelia won’t last long either.

8:21pm: And my picks for the top five at this early stage – Michaela, Dakota, Courtenay, Danielle, Eva.

8:22pm: Aafreen is rocking the lazy eyes.

8:24pm: The judges chose Eva’s photo as the best of the week, and I agree. Closely followed by Michaela. She reminds me a little of Rihanna. Needs a serious makeover though.

8:25pm: Nellie will be bottom two – bit of twin drama never hurt ratings and she did do that model boo boo – dissing the client on a job. Naughty Nellie!

8:26pm: Whoops, I was wrong. Nellie is safe. Estelle you are goneburgers.

8:30pm: Until next week.


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  1. oldgirl says

    why do they scream so much. N.Z is so small we already know who is out, as they either working or out and about in their towns they are from

  2. Anonymous says

    Haha, totally loving Danielle! She has the attitude of that Tiffany girl that Tyra yelled at couple of cycles back. It’s bound to happen at sound point. “I NEVER IN MAH LIFE YELLED AT A GIRL LIKE THIS”. But yes, loving the diversity.

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