#1404 Easy Americana

Photos: The Fashionisto

Classic Americana, or the style I associate with your-average-American-of-decades-past, is so big right now. Even Urban Outfitters is getting in on the action. They’ve taken a different approach from the preppy, Ivy League geek-chic thing that’s proliferating, opting for a slightly schlubbier direction. It’s fresh. And it offers a very tidy example of how two of my favourite pieces (the grey crewneck sweater and beige pants) should be worn – together, that’s how. Note the clean fit of the sweater, the darker shade of beige which coordinates quite nicely with the heather grey, and the multicoloured sock and shoe. The whole catalogue is cool. Each outfit is simple, but paired with a little blast of colour or an accessory. But even the most dressed up outfits like a shirt and bow tie are dressed down – the shirt is untucked. This is an easy way to look good. And check out the baseball tee with contrast navy arms in the last photo – I reckon it’s about time those bad boys made a comeback.


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  1. Carbunkle says

    This is incredible! I think that 1940’s/50’s America is such an interesting time period to reference at the moment. It was a conseravtive time (we also seem to be suffering through a resurgence of this – politics-wise anywyay), but also one that was posited on the edge of change – political, economic and social. Who wouldn’t want to dress like Holden Caulfield, encapsulating angst and disavowing the establishment in your button-down shirt, corduroys, duffel coat and characteristic snarl. Or the female equivalent – any character from Mary McCarthy’s The Group which charters the changes the faced woman. This meant wearing college sweaters (Radcliffe or Sarah Lawrence of course!), slacks, dungarees and pencil skirts all in one go! I think that anyone who thinks this is boring doesn’t understand the importance of classic dressing, looking well-turned out and how history and clothing are inextricably linked.

  2. felix says

    not diggin the tag line – the new layout is a massive improvement though, well done! excellent tan chinos in the top image

  3. J says

    What’s with the dumb tagline? It sounds like one of those white people impersonations that Dave Chappelle or Eddie Murphy do.

  4. JB says

    Shawty wanna thug? Seriously? What’s that go to do with anything? That photo of you should have you wearing a baseball cap to the side or something. You probably listen to Korn.

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