#1405 White jazz shoes might have another moment

Photo: NY Times

Back on shoes again, this time of the white jazz variety. The New York TimesT blog currently features Mark Ronson in a story about his penchant for the infamous Repetto jazz shoe. Repetto’s white jazz shoes have a bit of a history among well dressed rockstars, with Serge Gainsbourg reportedly tearing through 30 pairs a year from the 1970s till his death in 1991. How anybody could go through 30 pairs of shoes per year is beyond me, but who am I to say so – those were different times.

I had a brief dalliance with the white jazz shoe back in 2006. It was my first time in Paris, and Hedi Slimane’s Spring collection had just dropped into stores. At the time (and for the next several years) it was the most incredible range of clothing I’d ever seen. Inspired by Pete Doherty, the look was English teddy boy – skinny and sharp – and each outfit was worn with jazz shoes. I spied the white ones at the department store Printemps, but at 370 euros ($740 NZD at the time) they were a little more expensive than what I was willing to shell out. As the saying goes, you never regret what you do, only what you don’t, and that is one purchase I’ve always regretted not making.

Dior Homme S/S 2006 via GQ

Good to see Ronson bringing them back. First maroon suits, then a Gucci collab, now Repetto Zizi Hommes. The guy’s got style.


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