1. Anonymous says

    Don’t leave central Auckland. You don’t want to run into someone who actually wants to thug when you’re wearing that.

  2. says

    Great post ‘Anon’ and even better reply Rebeccah! here’s some thought provoking reading..

    the writer has a great website, critiquing heaps of media related stuff.

    Honestly i don’t get what the message means in this context, and i doubt Lil Wayne would either… but in the words of that idiot Andy Warhol,

    “Don’t pay any attention to what they write about you. Just measure it in inches.”

  3. says

    To Anon.. only in 2007 to point out the many downfalls of being a hipster, creating Jo and Kiri were far more fulfilling. Since then I’ve realised its more about the inches/interest factor of almost anything in the media.

  4. Phillippa says

    Dear oh dear. Seeing a group of middle-class (predominantly) white kids wearing this sort of stuff sits really uncomfortably with me – and this is coming from a middle-class white kid.
    You are not “thugs” and your interaction with “thugs” probably extends no further than some playlist on your ipod that you’ve no-doubt named “Gangsta shit” or something similar.
    Between this and the whole Holy F*ck DJ name/ poster fiasco you are really coming off as naive at best and truly ignorant at worst.
    This is 2010 – plenty of white people openly enjoy hip-hop, there’s really no need to rub our noses in the irony of it or, even worse, try to fetishize the culture.

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