#1409 DJ Darkness Brothers debut

It’s a week of firsts. Tonight, for the first time ever, I will DJ (mix, cut up and destroy) a party. Together, Jordan Rondel and myself are DJ Darkness Brothers, playing the most thugged out of all thugged out joints on the planet. Our playlist includes: Lil Wayne, Busta Rhymes, Snoop, Pharaohe Monch, 50 Cent, Missy, Kanye, Dre and MOP. It’s going down at Holy F*ck, tonight, from 11:00pm – 12:30pm at Flight Lounge. HOLLA BACK AT ME WHOOP WHOOP!!


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  1. Anonymous says

    You guys above do realise that Isaac didn’t design the poster above and the holy fuck organiser did? Don’t go accusing Isaac for racism before you even think.

  2. Anonymous says

    this leaves a bad taste in my mouth. Holy fuck just got even wacker! (didnt know that was possible) Isaac, you realise you give off a vibe that you think you are very cool, and your not!

  3. says

    Hello everybody,

    I just wanted to say that I had no part in designing the poster above, I simply put it up because it was the sole publicity image available for the event last night.

    Apologies if it caused anybody concern or distress.

    Obviously no racial insensitivity was intended.


  4. Anonymous says

    i can understand how maybe using that image is a little bit insensitive but i wouldn’t go so far as saying that it was racist

  5. Anonymous says

    sensitive thugs, ya’ll all need hugs – Jay-Z

    Instead of worrying about the poster and whether and it’s racist or not (which it isnt at all), why don’t you Holy Fu*k haters actually stop sitting at home, on Pitchfork reading Radiohead reviews and come out and have fun for once? Like actually, fun is a good thing.

  6. Anonymous says

    insensitive perhaps, but racist get over yourselves chumps. controversy seems to be what these guys do well and it seems to be working. at least the work they put out causes a reaction within the viewer and isn’t a black and white representation of a 70’s rock band.

  7. Anonymous says

    i designed the poster, and there was no intention for it to be racist. if people did get offended, i apologise. didnt do it to be controversial either, however i can see why it might look like it.

    i was inspired to make this from the ‘things fall apart’ album cover by the roots. i dont think many people would call that a racist album cover.

    once again no racism was intended.

  8. Anonymous says

    I just curious to see how people came to the conclusion that the poster is racist? please enlighten me

    As mentioned before, it was inspired by an album cover by a BLACK band

    I’m pretty sure Questlove would stab you with his fro-comb if you called him a racist

  9. P says

    The image is a powerful and important image and there is nothing racist about it in isolation (or on a roots cover)…I was talking more about the combination of using it to promote a couple of white kids calling themselves “dj darkness brothers”(as well as “all black everything” whatever that is) as coming of in bad taste.

    And i’m not a Holy F*ck hater, I’ve never even heard of it.

  10. Anonymous says

    Right on P. It’s obviously simply the fact this image is being used to advertise..gulp..’DJ darkness brothers/all black everything’ that makes it really uncool. I’m surprised nobody picked up on it, promoters, djs or otherwise.
    Gotta go, I just downloaded the latest Radiohead album!!

  11. Anonymous says

    Would we be having this debate if the “dj darkness brothers” werent a couple of white guys? Don’t think so

    The Darkness Brothers, Im guessing is a play on a Dave Chappelle skit.

    Its a poster, done by a black dude, promoting a hip hop night and if the PC brigade didnt know that Issac was a darkness brother nobody would have cared.

  12. says

    Once again, and just to confirm, no racial insensitivity was intended.

    Yes, the name DJ Darkness Brothers was inspired by Dave Chapelle’s Rick James skit – watch it if you haven’t, it’s one of the funniest I’ve ever seen.

    Obviously, it’s a play on the fact that Jordan and I are both white, but playing music created by African American artists.

    But dark also has another couple of meanings. Those who know me will vouch that I use it in every other sentence. It means something that makes you unhappy, or someone who is prone to bad moods. eg. ‘It’s raining today. That is dark.’ Or, ‘I really wanted to buy those shoes, but they are too expensive. Darkness!’ Or, ‘Damn I have some dark guys commenting on my blog.’

    Therefore, if one of my friends is being an angry guy or complaining a lot, he or she becomes a ‘Darkness Brother’. This has nothing to do with skin colour, I think we all know that it relates to being in a ‘dark place’ – ie. with no sunlight or warmth.

    I would also like to point out that Jordan Rondel is a girl, and therefore, not a ‘brother’. Apologies to anybody deeply offended by that little oversight.

    Like I said before, I had no part in designing the poster, it was distributed as promotional material, and I simply posted it because it was all I had to work with.

    Like the designer said, it was an homage to Things Fall Apart by The Roots. The image may be graphic, violent and distressing to some viewers, but I am certain that the designer never intended to offend anybody.

    To finish, I have nothing to gain by promoting racism. I believe passionately in the equality of all people no matter where they were born or which ethnicity they identify with.

    I am also a giant hip hop fan. When I was 14, I was the only white guy who used to break dance at the Lichfield Street youth centre in Christchurch. My darker skinned dance buddies found it hilarious that a skinny little white guy from the suburbs wanted to do what they did, but at no point did they find my involvement offensive or insensitive.

    Being a Baha’i, I have grown up with people from every different ethnic background, and perhaps that’s why I feel so comfortable making jokes of this kind.

    At the end of the day, that’s what it is. A joke.

    To quote Dave Chapelle as Rick James,

    “It’s a celebration, b*tches!”

    And to quote Baha’u’llah,

    “The earth is but one country and mankind its citizens.”


  13. says

    The photo is provocative, not racist. There is a very big difference.

    If it sparks thought then that is good but not everything has to be ‘politically correct’. If we rocked that way no one would say/do anything expressive/artistic or pushing the boundaries.

    For real. That is a tight poster.

  14. Anonymous says

    fully agree with J.B, artistically it works, expression is most times “non-pc”

    the name All Black Everything is inspired by Jay-Z lyrics and we’re the three black guys, who love hip hop… so no racism there

    ps. isaac you guys were so dope on wednesday night

    the poster is dope

  15. Anonymous says

    Since when is art separate from politics? And since when is provocative synonymous with offensive?
    The thing is Isaac, the Roots album uses a similar image but with a completely different tone… ‘Things Fall Apart’ is a reference to a hugely important and beautiful novel of the same name by Nigerian author Chinua Achebe, which addresses issues of cultural disparity and change… so the way in which the Roots use such an image can hardly be compared to the holy fuck poster…
    as you have said, darkness brothers is intended to be humorous… so how can it sit comfortably with an image like this?
    i also think it’s irrelevant how un-racist you are, or whether the designer is black etc… the poster causes offence regardless of intention, and that needs to be seriously considered, not dismissed as PC paranoia.
    Yes it is the only promotional image that was available to you, but if you agree it is offensive, i think you would have the integrity to remove it

  16. Anonymous says

    “I’m pretty sure Questlove would stab you with his fro-comb if you called him a racist” – This comment is racist

  17. Char Stevens says

    It isnt racist, it is just inappropriate and bad taste. This means is is both BAD for the night (not all publicity is good) and it look’s very bad for the designer, aa ad companies are pretty sketch on calls this bad. Anyway , looks like the lesson was learnt, but to make the claim that a person who is black can’t be racist? Srsly? 5th form English/History should have taught you better. So I am a women, does this mean I can’t be sexist? Surely not…

  18. Char Stevens says

    He could have recognized…noone is necessarily racist. Just a tad stupid/uneducated. Or not smart enough to have good taste. Muhahah!

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