#1414 New Zealand’s Next Top Model Episode 3 Live Blog

Photo: TV3

7:33pm: Taane Mete (one of the founding members of Black Grace) is going to give these girls a good (and much needed) lesson in grace.

7:35pm: No doubt some of these young ladies could do with a little etiquette too. But don’t worry about Dakota – she’s dancing to the beat of her own drum.

7:37pm: Amelia’s looking pretty good this week, Jamie too, and Eva is growing on me every time I see her.

7:40pm: That Dakota is stroppy. I can’t wait to see how she goes up against Sara. Let the battles begin!

7:42pm: As far as I know those Top Model girls are flying to Thailand for their international trip, but not today. Today they’re going to Rotorua. Don’t think they’d fly that many people overseas.

7:45pm: If I’m not mistaken, Chris Sisarich is wearing a Workshop coat, and working it.

7:47pm: Eva never ceases to amaze me. How does that girl turn it on so well? She’s like a mouse!

7:49pm: Danielle keeps pulling out those good Kawerau calls: “Back home, you have one of three options: go on the dole, get pregnant, or get and do something with your life. I’ve chosen the third option.” Would love to interview the Mayor of Kawerau about those quotes.

7:54pm: Despite the fact that Jamie isn’t impressing anybody with her moves so far, I think she’s the most model-esque of the bunch. If they keep her in the mix, it’ll be interesting to see how she develops.

7:55pm: Somebody just yelled out “TYRAMAIL!” Whoopsy daisy. This is New Zealand’s Next Top Model ladies!

7:56pm: South African/Kiwi photographer Jackie Meiring is shooting this week, the girls are dirty and naked. Or naked and dirty. One or the other.

7:58pm: Holly is consistently not photographing well, she probably should be evicted from the house, but that drama she brings will keep her in there for a few more rounds.

7:59pm: Woah, Michaela is amazing. Perfect body for the job, great face, she’s gotta be final three. Courtenay’s looking pretty good too. Eva is getting her tribal poses on.

8:01pm: Dakota will go far… on that 9mm call alone. If this was a personality contest, those twins would win hands down. They’re good quality.

8:08pm: I cannot believe they’re giving away a car this season. That is one insane prize.

8:10pm: Go the twins! I wanna see them go all the way. I still can’t tell the two apart, but they are totally growing on me.

8:11pm: Jamie has such a strong face, such a good body, and the judges are being extra harsh on her as a result of it. Likewise with Danielle, they’re building her up and up and up, what happens when they start criticising her though?

8:14pm: Michael wins shot of the week. Woah. Tip to models – you don’t always have to look at the camera to get a strong shot.

8:14pm: Not such a good shot from Eva this week. Lara’s shot makes her look like Samantha Shorter!

8:16pm: Wow Dakota is awesome. I can’t tell if she’s about to cry or if she’s being really sarcastic. And I like it.

8:21pm: I’m loving Colin’s opinions on the models – he’s getting more and more honest as time goes by. Like he said, clients don’t just want a nice girl, they want a girl who’ll get the shot. Sara disagrees when it comes to catalogues – in her view, clients want a cool girl on a week long shoot. At the end of the day though, it’s all about the final shot. Surely you’d choose a good look over a good personality?

8:23pm: The judges are going to put Dakota in the bottom two to give her a shake up. I just hope it’s not with Jamie, because then Jamie will go home. I say Holly’s gotta go.

8:25pm: Oh come on! Holly has gotta go! That has to be a decision influenced by the producers.

8:27pm: Just as I thought. They want to give Dakota a shake up. Jamie’s going home. Dark. Hope she gets picked up by an agency here in Auckland.

8:28pm: And this is where shows like Top Model stop working. They keep girls on for their drama factor rather than their likelihood to work. Jamie would have worked!

8:29pm: Tonight’s episode is a disappointment. I definitely don’t agree with the judges’ decision. What were they thinking!?

8:30pm: Top girl so far: Michaela.


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  1. Anonymous says

    wow.. these girls really aren’t afraid of putting their feet in their mouths, aren’t they? and i also think that it is ridiculous to call lara or amelia ‘bigger’.. this show shows how retarded the modeling industry is

  2. Nope says

    “I definitely don’t agree with the judges’ decision. What were they thinking!?”

    The arrogance of youth. These people are vastly more experienced than you, Issac, which is obvious given the tone of most of your writing.

    I think everyone’s worked out the game you’re playing by now though.

  3. Louise says

    The problem with Jamie was that she couldn’t turn it on for the camera. Yup she’s gorgeous but when she realises that she’ll be bigger than any of those girls.

  4. freena says

    OMG Holly – what a bihatch! My money’s on Danielle; as soon as she decides she wants it. Also, later Dakota.

  5. Sam says

    Lara got top photo, not Michaela, although her’s is also gorgeous.
    And it’s ridiculous that they said Lara’s “big” and had fat thighs. I know her personally and i can guarantee that she’s only a szie 8. Come on! SInce when is teeny tiny size 8 big?!! Wake up girls.

  6. SS says

    Amelia is modelling for Ketz-ke, or someone who looks very much like her. As seen in Christchurch’s infamous ‘Metropol’.

  7. Eleanor says

    I really don’t think that Isaac’s tone was arrogant at all.
    The Top Model shows are in part successful because the audience root for their favorite competitors and react when they stay or get sent home – which is what Isaac is doing, and we read his blog because we are interested in his opinion!

    This is a really strange, snarky comment, ah the arrogance of those who think age equals wisdom…

  8. freena says

    That was Holly trying to make someone feel as crap as she did at that moment. She was in tears earlier, upset that she wasn’t in shape (her own words). She’ll be bounced soon enough.

  9. says

    Am loving this show, and thinking I’d like to meet the twins parents and find out how they raised such lovely girls! It gives me hope for the future. But every time Dakota or Holly open their mouth I just groan. I’m over bitchiness for the sake of it, and what I like about NZNTM as opposed to America’s is how sweet most of the girls are. Jamie, well Sara did say ‘give me a call’ very firmly, but to me she was a bit of a wet blanket.

  10. Simon Pound says

    Ah- – I wasn’t meaning that directed at you Isaac – actually questioning the show producing and distributing that image of a 16 year old rather than questioning you illustrating a story about that image and show – which made sense.

  11. miaow says

    Don’t get me wrong, I totally know where you’re coming from. Being a size 8 or even a 6 doesn’t mean you’re ‘thin’ or ‘skinny’ or ‘model sized’, it’s the shape of your legs and proportions etc. Lara is totally not big!

  12. says

    Holly doesn’t even look like a model, and her personality is sour. It reminds me of Teryl Leigh last season, who was so frigid and boring yet they kept her for so long.

    Lara goes to the school I went to a few years back, and she has definitely grown up – lookswise anyway, she’s really quite beautiful and I like her picture but she still acts like a 16 year old.

    I’m for Michaela, Danielle, Courtenay (and Afreen because she’s so determined). The girls are starting to take shape though – you can start to tell who really has it or not.

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