#1416 Kate Sylvester a no-show at NZ Fashion Week 2010

Photo: Katherine Lowe

Kate Sylvester will not show at New Zealand Fashion Week 2010, making this the second time in three years that she’ll be missing from the event. Absent from the official lineup released earlier this month, the Sylvester camp initially said that they had not yet made up their minds regarding NZFW. But today Kate Sylvester herself confirmed the decision not to show – explaining that all of the company’s energies are currently focussed on growth in the Australian market. Sylvester opened her first Australian store on Sydney’s Oxford Street in December 2009, and is currently on the lookout for a potential second location in Melbourne.

While it’s exciting to see Sylvester expanding across the ditch, she’ll be sorely missed from Fashion Week – hers was my favourite show last year.


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