#1421 Kiwis across the ditch

Photos: Katherine Lowe

I’m in Sydney right now staying at this extreme boutique hotel near Oxford Street. By extreme I mean it’s the kind of place you’d expect to see in a porno film – all black walls and carpet, enormous mirrors and good looking staff who try to come in and clean your room while you’re lying in bed. It’s a good time. I’m working here in Sydney until Thursday, then I fly to Melbourne for the first time ever. Besides a couple of stopovers at Tullamarine airport, my only experience with Melbourne is Kath and Kim, The Castle and Looking for Alibrandi so I’m pretty sure I know what to expect. Katherine’s going to be with me the whole way – I’ll make sure she takes lots of pictures.


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  1. Curiousben says

    what is your job? are you are blogger, or is there something else we dont know about?

    jezz, that sounded terrible

  2. isaaclikes says

    Hi Ben,

    I’m a full time blogger, part time freelance writer.

    But every now and again special projects pop up and I do them too.

  3. Sonnyphotos says

    hey, you still in Sydney
    if so , can you do me a favour and take a couple of shots of my photos at the exhibition in the QVB


  4. says

    What a shame you picked the most culturally dry films to make associations with Melbourne against. I can’t wait for you to eat your words when you actually get there and start exploring the city. Although, you’ll need a local, you won’t find much on your own because it’s all hidden away…

    Try Hargraves in the city, and maybe ask someone to show you the way to St Ali. Also head to mag nation to pick up some great Australian cult fashion magazines.

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