#1426 New Zealand’s Next Top Model Episode 4 delivers LOLs (after not such a funny week)

It can’t have been the happiest week for the producers of New Zealand’s Next Top Model; once the topless 16 year old controversy got a bit of momentum it spread like wildfire – from New Zealand over to America via Jezebel and The Huffington Post, over to the NY Times courtesy of The Cut, and even as far afield as newspapers in the Netherlands and Hungary. Luckily for the show though, big scandals bring big audiences, so no doubt all eyes were on Top Model last night. It wasn’t a bad little episode – there were even some LOL moments, all of which appear to have been immortalised by Kiwi blogger Hello Luke. My favourite was Colin Mathura Jeffree’s Mirror Mirror on the Wall quip to Aafreen, who was later eliminated (see above). But if animated gifs are more your thing, check out Dakota dancing below.


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  1. Kate says

    I wish Dakota had been ejected, but I guess she does make for pretty good television. I was really rooting for Aafreen.
    Does anyone else think the jewellery shoot was a knockoff of Julianne Moore’s Bulgari campaign? Too many similarities to be a coincidence I reckon.

  2. Crystal says

    I haven’t watched the episode, but judging by those .gifs I think I will enjoy it aside from Aafreen getting eliminated. She was one of my favorites :(

  3. says

    Dakota and Holly are clearly only kept for the drama. Aafreen was one of the only girls to show determination and take the whole thing seriously from the start. I liked her, and it’s a shame one of the nicer ones was eliminated so early.

    Dakota though – seriously? For someone who had a strong reason for being on the show in the first place, really does not take anything seriously. Who would want to hire her after that? They should have eliminated her. Likewise with Holly, who does nothing but sneer at others and doesn’t even look like a model in any way.

    I love the Twins and Courtenay, they show true humbleness and grace.

  4. Anonymous says

    I can’t believe how ‘lax’ the judges were about Dakota’s APPALLING behaviour in the networking challenge. I think Sara said something along the lines as “you may have overstepped the mark” – correct me if I’m wrong.. The way she acted and the things that came out of her foul mouth were just mind-boggling to say the least. Like the other comments I do think Holly and Dakota are being kept on to stir the pot as such.

    The twins (Elza and Nellie) are just so cute, although the melt down by one of them was a tad OTT. Courtenay also seems very well adjusted.

    At the end of the day however it is a modelling contest and not a show that is meant to pick the biggest try hard or suck up. If Danielle pulls it together mentally she’ll go a long way in the competition I’m thinking.

    Also when will live blogs for the shows be reinstated? I for one am dying on a Friday night without them!

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