#1428 Just what the Doctor ordered (Dr Denim pants, that’s what)

Sometimes you have to fly all the way to Melbourne to see what was right there under your nose in Auckland. I discovered Dr Denim yesterday, and it’s safe to say I’ve been missing out. Katherine and I spent the day shopping on Little Collins Street and our second favourite store was Somewhere – a Scandinavian streetwear specialist situated a few flights of stairs above Royal Arcade. They had the full range of Dr Denim pants – everything from jeans to chinos to cords – and each pair was $149 and not even on sale. That’s democratic fashion, that’s what that is. Ever wanted a pair of pants in every colour of the rainbow? They’re your go-to guys. I’ve been desperate for some sky blue pants for ages but they looked better on Katherine, so she picked them up. The khaki cords were all me though (see below).

If you’re in Auckland, Dr Denim is available at Black Box Boutique.


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