1. Andrew says

    I really don’t think the whole Michaelagate saga is that big of a deal – if she didn’t want to do the photoshoot the way she was styled then she could have said “no” or requested that she be given the boob tube bandage that the other girls got to wear. America’s Next Top Model has had nude or nearly nude shoots in six cycles that I can think of, and in cycle one two girls refused to do the nude shoot (when it was the final four), and in cycle two one girl refused to do the nude shoot (it was fully nude but bodypainted). Granted these young women were not 16-years-old, but I said “no” to a lot of things I didn’t want to do when I was 16!

    Maybe Michaela was more than happy to do the photoshoot the way she was styled – for all we know the clip where she talked about her religion not holding her back could have been filmed weeks earlier and she may have not even been referring to that photoshoot. Also, Courtney is the one who has been portrayed as ‘the Christian girl’ – Michaela’s character is more of the ‘doing it for the dead Grandma’ variety.

    Lasty, *SPOILER ALERT* I saw Dakota stomping down the streets of ChCh yesterday…..she is stunning in real life, albeit a bit ghetto.

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