#1431 John Banks is a vision in floral

Photo: Pebbles Hooper’s blog

If Metro‘s latest cover is anything to go by, we could be looking at a new era for the Auckland magazine under Simon Wilson’s editorship. The cover is a triumph – provocative, funny and endlessly tongue-in-chic. Styled by Pebbles Hooper, it features Auckland’s front-runner mayoral candidates in drag – John Banks in a floral WORLD frock and Len Brown in a dramatic Alexandra Owen gown. According to Hooper, “Metro is a controversial magazine. It’s not a fashion magazine, and it’s always been a publication I read for its content. With this latest cover, I was more than happy to get on board with something so humorous – it combines the upcoming elections with fashion week. I can at least relate to one side of it. People need to get a sense of humor. Quit the bitching and look at it for what it is. Old boys in dresses. Not such a big deal.”

If we were going to be voting on looks alone, I’d have to go with Len Brown – the guy knows how to work a gown. Plus somebody should tell Banks that with a figure as straight up and down as his, he really should have belted the waist… Or maybe that’s an issue he should take up with his stylist.

(Inside the magazine you’ll also find a feature on my experiences at New Zealand Fashion Week over the past seven years.)


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  1. Steph says

    Swapping the flats for heel would have helped accentuate his legs too…
    Or perhaps like Danielle on NZNTM no one taught Banksey how to walk in heels either?

  2. Nico says

    i thought it’s “tongue in cheek”? unless you’re playing on words then im an idiot. at any rate, those dudes look remotely chic.

  3. Sargra says

    John Banks still looks like the MAN – even in floral !! brown totally a wet lettuce girl. chuckle. GO BANKSIE!

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