#1432 Girls dressed like boys

This is just a quick note to say that Katherine looked particularly awesome today. She was dressed like the ultimate cool guy in a Crane Brothers blazer and pants, Country Road Fair Isle sweater and chambray shirt, and old shoes she bought off the internet. Girls dressed like boys gets me every single time. Boys dressed like girls, not so much (unless, of course, they’re mayoral candidates). And just to prove how well it works, check out a couple of shots from Love Issue Four below. Dree Hemingway, Hannah Holman and Veruschka all dressed to kill in masculine tailoring. My favourite.

Here’s one of me and Katherine together in the elevator at the Westin. I’m wearing her duffel coat – she stole it from her brother.


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  1. says

    I always find it hilarious when people mention the Crane brothers – just cause their dad was my art teacher. NZ is so small. Especially the South Island.

    I do indeed love the blazer and pants though.

  2. Ajak12 says

    you are so full of shit isaac you post little cutesy comments but you wont let someone simply state the fact that they dont think she looks that good… that its really not that new or great as you say it is. you can hide behind your little computer but in the real world you will have no control over what is said/published so if you cant handle the heat then get out know… absolutely pathetic.. your actually a joke to the fashion industry with your attempts at design and your crappy journalism..

  3. Nico says

    i know! how come women get away with that? oh well, us men can do some other things other than borrow the girlfriend’s clothes. hehehe. there’s sports?

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