#1446 Sonny Vandevelde – exhibiting Backstage in New York

If you’re in New York for Fashion Week, I’m eternally jealous and a little bitter. Nevertheless, besides the shows, there are a few things you absolutely have to see. Topping my list is BACKSTAGE: The photos of Sonny Vandevelde. Everybody’s favourite Australian snapper is having an exhibition of his work at the Tribeca Grand Hotel, opening this Sunday and running until 12 October. When I talked to him earlier, he was hard at work, painstakingly hanging each picture by hand. Let’s hope he doesn’t have a repeat of last year’s mishap, when several of his photographs were stolen by thieves at the hotel. But, hey, at least it’s confirmation of the works’ covetability. Sonny’s all about the action shot – if I’m not mistaken, he pioneered the form of backstage photography that captures the models coming off the catwalk. And to date, he has taken my personal favourite backstage photo of all time, at the Gucci menswear show back in January. So, like I said, if you’re in town, head along. Introduce yourself, he’s very friendly. But a word of warning – if you’re a Kiwi, walk away the moment you hear the word sheep come out of his mouth. Somebody really should tell him: Those jokes went out of fashion a long time ago.


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