#1478 Meet the top internationals in town for New Zealand Fashion Week

Samantha Harris. Photo: Chic Management

New Zealand Fashion Week is almost upon us! Only two more sleeps before the shows, the parties, the after-parties and the madness begins. It’s gonna be fun. Unlike the big fashion weeks overseas, we don’t have the pleasure of having hundreds of international models swarm our fair city hoping to score that career-making exclusive show. Nor do we have the Russell Marshes, the Calvin Kleins or the Pradas with the clout to launch them internationally. Nevertheless, every year anywhere between five and 15 foreign girls do make the trip over to Auckland. We’ve had some pretty big names in the past – even Abbey Lee Kershaw gave it a go back in 2006 (about two or three years before she became The Abbey Lee Kershaw as we know her today). This year is no exception – by my count there are about 10 internationals in the city.

62 Models has the pick of the bunch, with upcoming Australian supermodel Samantha Harris, recent Harper’s Bazaar cover girl Stephanie Cherry and breakout RAFW star Dempsey Stewart all here for the event. And special mention goes to August Models for bringing out third-cycle winner of Australia’s Next Top Model, the fiery redhead Alice Burdeu.

But in terms of the boys, only one foreigner has caught my attention – Niclas K, a German model newly signed with Clyne. According to rumour, Niclas K is a recent arrival in New Zealand, but while modelling in Europe he walked the runway for none other than Hedi Slimane at Dior Homme. If the rumour-mill speakest the truth, no doubt the German will be highly sought-after this week. Finally, back at home after a many-year hiatus is Kiwi redhead Peter David – who I met quite coincidentally backstage at Paul Smith in January. Despite being virtually unknown in his homeland, Peter David has worked extensively throughout Europe, even bagging a print campaign for Alexander McQueen. Couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy.

New Zealand Fashion Week officially opens in 36 hours. Let the games begin.

Stephanie Cherry. Photo: Chic Management

Dempsey Stewart. Photo: Oliver Rose

Niclas K. Photo: Clyne

Peter David. Photo: 62 Models


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