#1482 Good girls gone bad at Juliette Hogan

Photos: Katherine Lowe

Juliette Hogan has carved out a niche for herself as New Zealand’s princess of prim – she’s one of the few local designers who consistently espouses girly over grunge. It’s a winning formula, perfect for lady-like lovelies in search of a full-length pleated skirt or a pastel blouse. But every now and again, even good girls wanna let their hair down and have some late-night fun. Hogan’s offering for Fall 2011 was a conservative take on naughty; a model student’s attempt at rebellion by sneaking out for a midnight soirée. Cute scalloped skirts came paired with cropped leather biker tops, Nana-knits had little holes perfect for a spot of peek-a-boo, and schoolmarmish houndstooth skirts were hitched well above the knee – très provocateur!

It wasn’t all so sexed-up, quaint floral shirtdresses with little leather bowties will keep the diehard J Ho fans happy, as will zig zag panel dresses in sheer georgettes and a creamy pink off the shoulder number. But sometimes the bad girl reared her vixen head a little too literally. The most risqué outfit (a satin polka dot blazer over high waisted black knickers) was more Betty Boop than curfew-breaker.

It worked best when Hogan stuck to her roots, adding just a little bit of spice to all things nice – those knits will be a commercial hit; same goes for that genius green houndstooth and her cropped leather tees. And fans of Carey Mulligan’s character in An Education will be pleased – plenty of looks appeared to have walked straight off the screen and onto the catwalk.


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