#1492 Ruby for the win!

Derya Parlak backstage. Photos: Katherine Lowe

Ruby had its beginnings in casual sportswear: think cotton pants, hooded sweaters and cute printed tees. This morning, in their first ever outing at New Zealand Fashion Week, the brand showed just how far they’ve come since those early days. Over the past couple of seasons Ruby has gained a lot of momentum by way of the blogosphere – their particular version of fun, on-trend womenswear is a hit among the personal style girls. Methinks this collection will go even further. Filled with vivid colours – a forest green that would’ve made Robin Hood’s Merry Men proud; and patterns – everything from a box check to a diamond grid, the show was a joy to watch. For the tomboys, there was a hunting and hiking vibe in woolen coats paired with check shorts, and flannel-look shirts beneath sturdy quilted vests. Girly girls will enjoy the short skirts, sheer floor length pleated dresses, and fine knits with pandas printed on the front. And I don’t care how a young lady dresses, every female in this country should get one of their woollen coats.

My only concern – the fun fur that has been everywhere this week. Call me old fashioned, but nothing screams tacky like obviously faux fur. Besides that though, the Ruby collection was my favourite thus far. It was wearable, commercial, boyish, girly and a little bit sexy – everything you could ask for in a streetwear brand. I loved it.

Dempsey Stewart.


Dempsey Stewart.

Derya Parlak.

Ella Verberne and Samantha Shorter.

Gabrielle Carter.

Imogen Watt.


Phoebe Leonard in the panda print sweater!


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  1. fashion westie says

    Glad we agree on the Robin Hood green….see Katherine is awesome comments! Though I change my mind on the forest nymphs on acid….

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