#1494 Jimmy D’s Goth Army

Photos: Katherine Lowe

Bless James Dobson, for he has sinned. It’s been five long years since his last Jimmy D show. Now, don’t get me wrong, it’s not like he’s been frittering his time away willy nilly; there have been a few developments in all those years off – most importantly Children of Vision, the K’ Road store he started with best friend Vicky Chan. Today’s show heralded his return: James Dobson is back. He showed a layered gothic collection with draped tee shirting over sweatshirting over silk georgette over wool voile, and his girls wouldn’t have looked out of place in a 90s Marilyn Manson video. But don’t let the complicated styling fool you, there were some very wearable moments in the mix.

My favourites were the slashed oversized singlets and overdyed sweatshirts featuring the dark, demonic, Catholic-esque print work of Auckland artist Andrew McLeod. Ever go through an angsty goth phase during high school? Similar pictures probably would have adorned your bedroom walls. And let’s not forget the Jimmy D classic – enormous silk georgette tee shirts, worn sexy and see-through on a young girl, or edgy and layered on an old gal. Dobson was a retailer before he was a designer, and it can be attributed to his success with such pieces. He knows exactly how to cut a dress that’ll look amazing worn by models on the catwalk, but still be entirely saleable to the women who can actually afford such things. Welcome back, Jimmy D!


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