#1498 WORLD sure knows how to put on a good show

Emily Theyers backstage at WORLD. Photos: Katherine Lowe

Held at the aptly titled Great Room inside the Langham hotel on Symonds Street, WORLD did what no other brand this week has done so far – they sat us down in comfort for a heavenly half hour, fed and watered us, then knocked our socks off with one hell of an explosive show. Attempting to explain the clothes would be a futile enterprise – the pictures speak far louder than words ever could. WORLD labels themselves a factory of ideas and experiments, and like all experiments, some work, while others blow up in your face. Crowd pleasers included a series of clear plastic blazers and trench coats worn over fluro pink anoraks and fair isle sweaters; and three uber-camp Diana Ross-era gowns in cobalt, magenta and sunflower yellow that flew down the runway. They’re unabashed in their extroverted WORLDliness, and their brand of no-holds-barred fashion takes a lot of guts. Sure it might be veer into ludicrous territories at times, but we’re lucky to have them here in New Zealand. Without characters like WORLD poking fun, we might all end up taking ourselves a little too seriously.


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  1. Jadedoel says

    The eyewear is by Reuben Paterson, who did a collaboration with WORLD for this particular collection. The frames are made from NZ merino wool.

  2. Dale says

    Imagine if Francis & Benny organized fashion week for New Zealand! What a week it COULD BE!!! Possibly then our country would attract serious attention, and evoke young designers to do there thang.

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