#1499 Alexandra Owen and her chesterfield quilting

Photos: Katherine Lowe

Alexandra Owen has asserted herself at the forefront of the upcoming Kiwi designers. Her architectural eye and technical expertise (coupled with the fact that she’s making real life high fashion), makes Owen an exciting talent to watch. Her collection tonight appeared to have been inspired by a chesterfield couch – or at the very least it was a study in quilting. It started in a dress, but swiftly morphed into a coat buttoned like the aforementioned sofa, and even trousers with fully quilted front panels. Sleeves were tucked, draped and folded, and ballooned at strange angles. It’s perhaps not the easiest range to wear, nor is it the most accessible, but there’s no doubt the clothes are intelligently designed and painstakingly created. And Owen did manage to breathe new life into stale pieces like a lady’s business skirt (the Alexandra Owen version was quilted and paired with a sheer blouse). Mark my words, this designer will go far, but maybe not in her home country. The European market will appreciate her talents far more than New Zealand ever will.

Dempsey Stewart.

Gina M.

Becky Lawrence.

Derya Parlak.

Derya Parlak.

Ella Verberne.


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  1. Jade_smythe says

    she is clever in deed. the sleeves were super special, as was the long sheer cream dress, styling and show in general……..I want a pair of her tucked skinny pants too. AMAZING!!

  2. AveMia says

    I heart her sooooooo much. I agree, NZ is probably a bit casual to appreciate. But she is on my list of designers I will wear … when I finish studying. Truly amazing and beautiful.
    Its interesting, I have no problem with models sizes, but I think these would actually look better on a slightly curvier woman. Maybe just me, I thought the same when they featured her on NZNTM but thought maybe that was just well TV.

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