#1509 Salasai is one to watch

The giant sweater. Photos: Katherine Lowe

It’s hard to imagine a giant sweater (like, oversized to knee-length) looking so good, but Salasai managed that and more in their offsite show last night. Grey with a white geometric pattern on the front, it hung long and floppy and was one of the more interesting pieces we’ve seen all week. The rest of the collection was centred around a couple of elements – the pleats on a kilt, some cropped gold pants reminiscent of Hedi Slimane-era Dior Homme and colour panelling in garments like a tan and black double-breasted shawl-collar cardigan. There were moments that looked a little overworked, particularly a pair of houndstooth trousers that would be better suited to a restaurant’s kitchen than a catwalk, but even those pieces had two saving graces: Salasai’s designer Kirsha Witcher really knows how to design clothes.

Before launching her own label she spent a number of years at commercial streetwear brand Mooks, and it shows – construction-wise, these were some of the best garments on show. The other plus – her choice of fabrics. Her clothes didn’t just look well made, they looked expensive. And that’s more than can be said for a lot we’ve seen this week. Witcher is getting into her groove and I predict some big things for Salasai. Special mention must be given to jeweller Nick Von K who made the rings and necklaces that adorned each outfit – that guy is definitely one to watch.


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