#1521 Australia’s Next Top Model’s major winner fail

Say what you like about New Zealand’s Next Top Model – sure they might have the odd topless controversy, a fairly well publicised photoshop boo-boo, and let’s not forget the shoot that bore an uncanny resemblance to Bulgari’s latest campaign, but I’ll tell you what – they’ve never told the wrong girl she’s won the competition in front of a live studio audience (not to mention the millions watching on their TVs at home). Oh haiiiiiiii Australia’s Next Top Model. Watch the clip above. Die a little inside. I’ve been an avid AusNTM fan ever since Bryan Boy started posting the full episodes on his blog. It was a slick production filled with extraordinarily hot girls, snazzy camera work and judges who weren’t in the least bit afraid to drop the M-bomb (midget). But this right here is a fail of Homeric proportions. Imagine what’s going to happen to the poor guy who gave Sarah Murdoch the incorrect information? Yeesh. Full credit to Kelsey for taking it like a trooper. Australia’s poor sportsmanship must only apply to actual sports.


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  1. Katie-maree Cole says

    oh my this is so awkward I can’t imagine how everyone involved must have felt it’s hard enough to watch!

  2. Leonie says

    Hey Isaac. Don’t go holding that cricket incident against us. We were ALL embarrassed by that. No. Mortified. And to be honest, last night I think we saw the exact reason why Kelsey ought to have won. Apart from what she can say with her face, she’s mature beyond her years and I think now she could cope with anything.

  3. isaaclikes says

    Good call Leonie,

    That was just a cheap shot on my part.

    I totally agree about Kelsey – she handled that mortifying experience with grace and dignity. Very impressive.

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