#1525 Top 12 things to do in Wellington

Photos: Katherine Lowe

1. Visit Caffe L’affare. Go for the coffee, stay for the hilarious wall art.

2. Take photographs with iconic Wellingtonians like…

Rachel Easting and Anjali Stewart of Twenty Seven Names;

Mava Moayyed of Kate Sylvester;

Mina Melsom (at the incredible World Press photo exhibition on right now – GO SEE IT!);

And Andy Sales at Good as Gold.

3. Try on fun hats, like…

This one from Karen Walker;

This one from Artikel;

Or this one from Swonderful, it says Good Effort!

Swonderful’s heart plates are also a good time.

4. Take alternative, artistic photographs in front of rundown doors. (Wellington is, after all, the alternative, artistic capital of New Zealand… right?)

5. Go for high tea at Martha’s Pantry!

6. Take a ride up the Wellington Cable Car, enjoy the 180 degree city views, climb up the trippy tree (you’ll have to ask a local about that one) then go back down again.

7. Eat at Sweet Mother’s Kitchen. They do real New Orleans style soul food like Gumbo and Corn Bread. Try the peanut butter cheese cake. Ooooo child, it’ll blow your mind.

(I went with my main man Ryan Brown.)

8. Enjoy a virgin mojito at Matterhorn (though I like the vibe better at The Library).

9. Take a romantic stroll on Queen’s Wharf at dusk – so pretty!

10. Take mass at St Mary of the Angels – it looks just like Notre Dame!

11. Do stay at the Museum Hotel, but don’t – I repeat DO NOT – order room service after 10pm. I paid 12 hard earned dollars (plus three dollars delivery) for four pieces of soggy bread stuck to a solid inch of rubber cheese that didn’t taste anything like any cheese I’ve ever tasted before.

12. And last but not least, Hustle.

(Courtesy of those Twenty Seven Names shawties.)


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  1. says

    Lol. Love. Your facial expressions are pretty priceless. Swonderful is my all time favourite shop. Did you go to Iko Iko?

    I lived next to St Mary’s in first year. So many weddings did I spot! Such a beautiful place as well.

    Definitely still need to go to the World Press Exhibition. Sounds awesome.

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