#1526 NZFW 2010 The Dopeness/The Wackness Part 1

Dempsey Stewart. All photos: Katherine Lowe

The dopeness: Darn good models. New Zealand Fashion Week 2010 brought with it the best models we’ve seen since Abbey Lee Kershaw walked its hallowed runways back in 2006. My favourite three girls of the week were Australian Dempsey Stewart, Kiwi Ella Verberne and Lithuanian import Vilma Putriute. And special mention must go to Nom*D for encouraging Dempsey Stewart and boyfriend Jasper Seven to pash it up in front of the crowds at their show – Dunedin does it better.

Ella Verberne.


Jasper Seven and Dempsey Stewart kissing at Nom*D.

The Wackness: NZFW being on at the same time as London/Milan. I say this every year – holding our fashion week at this time of year makes it near impossible to bring key media down for the event, plus our top working models (a la Jessica Clarke) all skip it for the bigger weeks. And if you’re a member of the New Zealand media wishing to do both – forget it. Who can afford to fly to New York, back to New Zealand, then over to Milan and Paris?

Derya Parlak at Ruby.

The Dopeness: Ruby’s first catwalk outing. So cute, so commercial, so internationally viable.

Ella Verberne and Samantha Shorter at Ruby.

The Wackness: Shows that ran way too long. Not every single look in every colourway and every fabrication needs to be put down the runway. Leave us wanting more, not begging for a bathroom break.

Vinnie Woolston at Stolen Girlfriends Club.

The Dopeness: Stolen Girlfriends Club’s series of preppy, WASPy angora knits.

Natalya at Stolen Girlfriends Club.

The Wackness: Stolen Girlfriend’s Club’s print featuring cigarette butts – I hate to be overly PC, but those guys are social influencers selling clothes to young people. Don’t glamourise smoking! Stay in school, kids.

Alexandra Owen’s quilted skirt.

The Dopeness: Alexandra Owen’s chesterfield sofa quilting. Get that girl to Paris stat!

Quilting at Alexandra Owen.

The Wackness: Faux fur. Seriously, how tacky can you get? We’re the sheep capital of the world. Shearling for the win!

Backstage at Twenty Seven Names.

The Dopeness: Twenty Seven Names’ soundtrack. Amazing call on the Skee-Lo, ladies.


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  1. says

    I like this post.

    The dopeness: Those varsity-type baseball jackets at Twenty-Seven Names.
    The wackness: Missing the Ruby breakfast. (Although that was my own fault.)

  2. Lil says

    Just so you know the Stolen Girlfriends club cigarettes said on them ” to young to die”. takes the glamour out of smoking in my opinion.

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