#1530 The Superette Magazine: Retailers coming full circle – from catalogues to blogs and back again

Photos: Olivia Hemus + supplied

If there was one overwhelming lesson to be learned from the recession, it was this: the necessity for added value in today’s economy. Meaning, when there are a billion different places we as consumers can potentially spend money, those outlets that offer the greatest bang for your buck will win. That, combined with the immense growth of social media and social networking, has meant that the best businesses have grown savvy. Fashion retailers are a perfect example. It’s no longer acceptable for a store to offer clothing alone, there has to be an email database, a regularly updated Facebook fanpage, a blog, a Twitter account and self-styled photoshoots – not to mention fashion shows, events, giveaways and collaborations. New Zealand retailers cottoned on fast. In possibly the most dramatic effort we’ve seen yet, Auckland store Superette (two locations – Newmarket and Ponsonby) has gone full circle and come out with their own magazine.

Launching October 8, The Superette Magazine promises to be:

“A biannual keepsake showcasing our designers each season and encompassing all things we love – The Superette Magazine is a collection of inspirations and aspirations that fuel our day-to-day passions. Offering a look beyond the pages of a lookbook and clothes hanging on a rack, the magazine is a collaboration of all things Superette and serves as a platform to provide readers with a seasonal and continual source of inspiration.”

It’s a bold move for Superette – anybody who has worked in or around publishing will know the huge cost involved in producing a magazine. But methinks it will pay dividends. The Superette Magazine is free and contains just one advertisement – for German car company Audi (on the back cover). Inside the book is an editorial (with clothes from the store) shot by Olivia Hemus and featuring models Vinnie Woolston and Lauren Nuttall.

I’m fascinated to see if any other retailers follow suit (obviously The Department Store has been producing its own broadsheet for some time now), or if this will impact on the sales figures of our other locally produced indie magazines. When you’re shooting editorials using the same photographers and models and giving away your magazine for free, presumably some consumers will think twice before spending the $10 or more on another title.

Finally, according to rumour, The Superette Magazine is not the only way in which the store is expanding. Sources in Wellington keep telling me that Superette is looking to open a third location in the capital city. More on that to come.

Superette were kind enough to send me outtakes from their first editorial. Check them out below.


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  1. Fashionwestie says

    I emailed my deets as soon as the word was out to snare a ‘keepsake’ and am awaiting the postman with baited breath. And I’ll still buy magazines…I like them.

  2. Amanda says

    I love the Ksubi vintage beach jeans Vinnie is wearing so much I bought a pair for myself and got my friend to buy another pair! LOVE the cover of Lauren too!

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