#1531 It’s all about the duffel coat

Photos: Life of the Jetsetter

So I know we’re nearing summer and all, but up in the Northern Hemisphere, fall has just arrived. That means jackets. Lots of jackets. Glorious jackets. The best of the bunch is the duffel coat. Seen on many a runway this past January, the duffel coat hails from a town named Duffle in Belgium. Back in the Middle Ages, Duffle exported a sturdy cloth to England to be made into workwear for peasants. Fast forward a few centuries, and the British Navy adopted the jacket for its durability and ease of fastening. (Knowledge gleaned from reading Mr Classic – you should too.) I’m obsessed. Now it’s just a matter of finding one that looks as good as Gucci – but for a more palatable price. Off to the opshops we go. The photo above is part of an editorial from Popeye magazine. It’s fly. Check the rest below.


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  1. Whydoihavetoprovidemyemail says

    what a stupid fashion victim!! during winter u wore chinos and shirt and now summer almost come and u’re looking for a duffel coat?? man… how shallow is ur life!! you might as well wear skirt tomorrow!!

  2. YogiBear says

    These are international trends (Europe is going into winter) which will be more relevant to us in W2011. However, because we are 6 months behind international markets, if he left his trend alerts till they were already happening here no one would read his blog as it would no longer be news.
    By the way, guys skirts are an up-and-coming trend for winter 11 but you’re getting ahead of yourself – no one in NZ will wear them till next winter : ) see how it works?

  3. DVS says

    its called Trend forecasting for next winter!!! Issac is only mentioning this to get us all 1 step ahead and on the lookout for a good winter duffle. really how shallow is your life that you read blogs that are focused around fashion but yet you have no idea at all.. get a life!

  4. Justmy2cents says

    lol… fashion victim!!! look how idiot they are.. im totally agree with Whydoihavetoprovidemyemail !! its nice to have a good sense of fashion to an extent that you will always be properly dressed for different occasions.. but duffel coat for summer? blazer for an outdoor camp? or chucks to a wedding? thats just silly… dont even get me started with skirts and silly super skinny jeans on guys… geeezzzzzzzzzzzz………..

  5. DVS says

    don’t be haters on those that love fashion… thats sort of what this blog is about at the end of the day! i would expect most of us that follow this this blog love fashion and the industry that goes with it. For those of us that get excited about whats install for next season doesn’t justify us being called fashion victims!!

    furthermore if you had any idea about the industry and how it works you would know that us in NZ are 1 season behind the Northern Hemisphere, therefore this post is actually quite relevant to those that do have some idea on whats hot for next season down under.

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