#1532 Meet Jenny Albright – the model who can rap

Photos: Katherine Lowe

Jenny Albright is one of the international models still in Auckland post-Fashion Week. Hailing from Alabama (aka the dirty South), she’s here till mid-November and is pretty much the most awesome girl ever. We met at the SGC after-party, and bonded over Lil Wayne, Drake and Ludacris. Besides that height and those good looks, this girl can rap. Holla! Plus she’s been very kindly teaching me some of her moves (cos you know I’ve been working on my portfolio). Her specialties are the coy laugh and the smize – check it out below.


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  1. miumiaow says

    Eek! She’s so cute! Alabama? I wonder if she knows Michaela Arndt. She’s signed at Nova and came a few months ago and is currently on the Ricochet and Mi Piaci billboards. But then again, Alabama is a big place…

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