#1535 13 year old Katie Holcroft is definitely one to watch

Photos: Aaron K for MODEL GO-SEE

With the blinder of a freshman show season Kiwi girl Jessica Clarke‘s just had, there’s good reason to be feeling optimistic about the state of New Zealand modelling. (Because let’s face it – much like our sporting prowess, NZ’s modelling success has long been overshadowed by our Australian counterparts.) Enter Katie Holcroft, who popped up on local site MODEL GO-SEE just days after NZFW had wrapped, and who I think might just have a strong shot at the big leagues. Just 13 years of age and already standing at 5’10, Katie Holcroft hails from Wellington and is represented in Auckland by Monarch Model Management. Despite Holcroft’s young age and little on-the-job experience, Monarch’s Amanda Bransgrove tells me there has already been interest from a certain powerhouse agency in New York. Watch this space.


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  1. Hot_ginger_ninja says

    Im her friend and she has always been naturally skinny even though she eats like a pig trust me she is not unhealthy and i dont believe they will harsh on her and if they are i know for a fact that her parents will pull her out as they have best interests in her well being

  2. Anniebell says

    She is beautiful, yes, but I find it slightly unhealthy that at 13 she has been scouted as “one to watch”. At 13, girls are still going through puberty and developing, and doesn’t this just put all sorts of pressure on her to stay thin, and not develop normally? (not saying that she is necessaeraly going to turn into a heffalump over night but for example my cousin, while not quite that tall, was the same size at 13 but then at 14 suddenly grew boobs and hips)…

  3. Katie Holcroft says

    Hi there.
    I’m Katie Holcroft, and i’d just like to let you know, I am not unhealthy what so-ever. I’m natuarally tall and slim, and i have a long family history of the same figure. Modeling for me, is something i highly enjoy! i LOVE it, but if it doesnt work out it doesnt, i’m not going to do awfull things to my body to stay skinny. Anniebell, i totally respect your comment, but when you say ‘the pressure on her to stay thin, and not develop normally’ I think, before you say this, maybe you could get your facts right, especially since i’m naturally slim.

    • says

      Hi Katie,

      Don’t worry what others think… its what you think that counts. Eat healthy, stay positive, and be true to yourself is all that’s needed.

      Kind regards,
      Paul Holcroft

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