#1541 Grace Hollows – immortalised in paint

Image: Igor+André

Kiwi girl Grace Hollows (Red11) had a not-too-bad international debut, booking five presentations at New York Fashion Week, including hipster favourite Band of Outsiders. But it was at Rachel Antonoff that she made the biggest impression. Famed fashion illustrator and blogger Danny Roberts of Igor+André was inspired to paint Hollows as she worked the room. According to Roberts, “[Grace Hollows] was in two shows that I was at and she was one of my favorites. She had a great genuine smile so I thought I would paint her as my first from the shows I attended… I really like how the painting turned out.” As do we, as do we. Hollows is currently working in Paris, where she has just shot the (possibly NSFW) video below. More on her as it comes in.


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