#1543 Miranda Kerr gives us even more reasons to keep our clothes on

Miranda Kerr by Steven Meisel for Vogue Italia. Photo: tfs

Attention budding models: just in case you needed any extra reasons as to why you should not be taking your clothes off on photoshoots, look no further than Miranda Kerr. Sure she might be a fully fledged supermodel now, appearing on the Victoria’s Secret catwalks and the covers of numerous international magazines – and let’s not forget that movie star husband of hers in Orlando Bloom – but she was young and inexperienced once too. As an 18 year old, Kerr allowed a test photographer to shoot her topless. Fast forward nine years, and here comes the nasty part: as revealed by Frockwriter this weekend past, the photographer decided to cash in on Kerr’s success and sell the topless pics to the highest bidder – on the proviso that his name wasn’t mentioned. Patty Huntington named and shamed him in her original post, so if you’re interested, the happy-snapper was Jasper Glavanics.

It gets better.

Glavanics wasn’t just some random photographer shooting 18 year old Miranda Kerr, he was her room-mate. Charming.

Now, it’s not as if these are the only topless photos of Miranda Kerr floating around – she did do the Pirelli calendar with Terry Richardson last year – but presumably they’re the only ones being touted as Miranda Kerr: naked, and ‘barely legal’.

The moral of the story is simple: keep your clothes on, girls. You never know when those nudie photographs are going to turn around and bite you in the bared-for-the-world-to-see ass.


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  1. Mottle says

    ‘The moral of the story is simple: keep your clothes on, girls.’

    Why is this the moral of the story rather than ‘Don’t be sleazy opportunistic jerks, guys’ and ‘Don’t support, endorse or encourage sleazy opportunistic jerks, media and society and general’? Those are just an impossible standard to hold compared to telling women what to do?

    Sorry, I do figure you’re not a dick and not intentionally trying to victim blame or whatever, but I hate that this is always (really always!) the moral of the story. It shouldn’t be assumed impossible that past trust with an old room-mate or ex-boyfriend won’t be maintained, and they’re the dickheads to blame if it isn’t. We don’t tend to do this in situations not involving naked young women.

  2. Lskerstphoto says

    Uhm Hello … models these days are getting their clothes off left right and centre. The only difference is that the magazines are the ones paying for them to take their clothes off! let me think … Miranda … Terry Richardson .. christ, what the hell do you guys think Terry gets all his models to do!? He is basically a porn photographer and you guys are bitching about photos that don’t even show any lower privates. Terry brings his dick out in practically every shoot for christ sake!

    The whole fashion industry supports and encourages the use of underage girls to get into shoots that would otherwise be considered inappropriate in the eyes of the normal world. Miranda was a consenting adult and agreed to do the shoot, wherever the images ended up! So stop putting it out as though she’s the devastated victim and the photographer is bad man… pathetic.

  3. steve says

    has anyone considered that it…just maybe…that it is good for their career… It didnt do Kate moss career anyharm or for that matter every single one of the worlds top models…Madonna?? not too mention all the thousands of famous women who posed topless / nude in Playboy?? the list is endless..there are 2 simple reasons these women pose topless because it will further their career and they want beautiful photographs of their bodies whilst they are in their prime!! thats it everyone!! thank god that Helmut Newton (the greatest photographer to walk the earth) didnt listen to all your boring prudes that get offended when they see skin and automatically assume that it is a pervy photographer forcing these girls into these situations, rather than the model making an informed adult decision..

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