#1544 Why is TV3 still pushing their naked New Zealand’s Next Top Model agenda?

Jean Shrimpton keeping it classy. Photo: Hello Small Ideas

I have three possible explanations for last night’s body-painted (read: nudie) extravaganza on New Zealand’s Next Top Model. 1. TV3 loves controversy and the ratings-boost that comes with it. 2. TV3 filmed the episode so long ago – like, before the other nudie uproar – that it was too expensive/inconvenient to do a full reshoot. 3. TV3 actually believes that body-painting girls to make them look like dinosaurs is something that happens in fashion editorials. That last one is perhaps a moot point – if you slap the word promo before the word girls and throw the photos into a men’s rag like FHM, then I guess they could still be counted as sitting in the realm of fashion – albeit in a low-rent town on the very outskirts of the industrial estate.

The point I’m making is this: while making these incredibly young girls (many of whom are under 18) take off all their clothes on camera is no doubt a fantastic way to create a little tension (after all, how freaked out would your average teenager get at the prospect of shedding her clothes in public), it’s not fecking necessary. There are other ways to promote nerves and drama on a reality TV show without resorting to nudity.

And trust me, I wasn’t the only person questioning TV3’s motives last night. Just read the live Twitter feed at the time of the episode (search #NZNTM) to see the many and varied comments calling TV3 out. Here’s just one example: “Two nude shoots in one series seems a bit OTT when there are 16 year olds involved #nzntm” from user Yvettevy.

Interesting to note is that TV3 is yet to upload the nude/body-painted photos to their website. Whether or not they’ll resort to low cloud covering like last time remains to be seen.

Finally, New Zealand’s Next Top Model touts itself as a somewhat credible launcher of models’ careers. The photos that are taken each week are supposed to go into creating a respectable portfolio. Which casting agent is going to look at a photograph of a girl body-painted to look like an animal/dinosaur/exotic bird and book her? Besides the kind that hires waitresses at Skycity casino, probably not too many.

TV3 needs to take a serious cue from our neighbours across the Tasman. When Australia’s Next Top Model used David Shields – who is certainly one of New Zealand’s greatest photographic talents – he was hired to shoot something sophisticated. Why couldn’t New Zealand’s Next Top Model do the same?

It’s food for thought.


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  1. Crystal says

    I haven’t watched the episode, but it makes me quite uncomfortable. They’re just trying to create drama for the christian girls, Michaela and Courtenay. It’s so lame.

  2. says

    I completly agree. They subjected the kids to the naked body painting, meaning not only did they have to wear only paint in front of a photographer, but to get into that state, that had to wear a gstring in front of a bunch of people they didnt know. What annoyed me was that they pointed out Elzas lack of self confidence, and they put her in the bottom two for it, even when she had a fantastic photo and commercial! It really didnt seem fair on her.
    I think the girls handled it really well all things considering though.

  3. freena says

    Thank you, Isaac, for saying exactly what I was thinking. I thought I’d ‘like’ this post to make it official (kept my clothes on for it too).

  4. says

    I am a body art model and they do some really wicked stuff. I’m really not sure about under 18s doing it though. Especially as they are not yet sure what it is they are consenting to. Personally, I love the art form and I love performing so it’s great for me. But who’s to say these girls aren’t going to hate themselves for it later when they feel that they’ve gone against their religion or people give them sh*t for it.

  5. tigerlily says


    Its funny how in ANTM the christian girls always freak out…yet our NZ girls are so calm and composed…even though TV3 is clearly trying to get a reaction out of them!! Why does TV3 keep trying ridiculous things…

    So absurd that Nellie was in the bottom two….obviously with all the bad feelings brought up from past bullying she is going to feel a bit low, but thats no reason for Sara to pounce on her and take one week as an indicator of what she’s really like. Nellie is a superb spokeswoman compared to the other girls!

    TV3 what are you up to?!

  6. says

    I actually thought this time it was done quite tastefully – only issue I have with it is that the under 18s wouldn’t actually back out of something like this this late in the competition, cause they still want to win – there’s no consenting there.

    I thought Courtney and Danielle rocked it though. 😀

  7. oldgirl says

    have looked at fashion mags for over 30 years, I am old, I have never seen such a ugly shoot, they all looked awful and not what modelling is about….why do they not try just modelling clothes from all are great designers, do a lookbook shoot, F.Q shoot, Remix shoot, A Black shoot eveb a womens mag shoot…. that is what will happen in the real world. These girls books are going to be so bad ugly clothes, silly makeup, and F.M shoots

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