#1553 On and On – traditional Kiwi made leather goods

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Remember in the 90s when everything went so incredibly high tech (with the rise of the internet etc etc), that the advances couldn’t help but be mirrored by the fashions of the time? All of a sudden we were wearing futuristic fat pants with reflective and velcro strips, while listening to machine-made music on headphones that plugged into our goretex jackets. It was the best of times, it was the worst of times. Now that we’ve got our heads around life in the digitally-fast lane, I’m pleased to say that we can mix the new with the traditional. On and On is a New Zealand based leather-goods start up, specialising in cases for the family of Apple Mac products – everything from the iPhone 4 and the MacBook Pros to the iPad. Each case is handmade in New Zealand from Italian leather, and each skin is hand selected. I’m obsessed with the heavy stitching detail. So twiney! On and On cases are available online now from Thanks (close-ups and prices below).

iPad Case – $199.90
iPhone Case – $89.90
13″ MacbBook Pro Case – $299.90
15″ MacbBook Pro Case – $359.90
17″ MacbBook Pro Case – $399.90


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  1. Dakoda9926 says

    ew so f’in expensive! also its the known fact that leather doesn’t protect Mac laptops from shock and bumping. Yeah, might look “cool” but NAH!!!

  2. Jimmy says

    after reading this post i asked a few mac users and they all say its a bit expensive so i am wondering what would you guys pay for an leather cover for your i phone?

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