#1554 Capital news – Superette’s opening in Wellington

Sources were correct – Auckland streetwear store Superette will open their first Wellington location in the next fortnight. According to a company rep, the store will be housed in the old Marvel space near WORLD on Victoria Street and is set to stock Sass and Bide, Camilla and Marc, Nudie Jeans, Bassike, Friend of Mine, Lover and Stolen Girlfriends Club, among other soon-to-be-announced labels. It’s been a year of aggressive expansion for Superette – last November, the store undertook a controversial advertising campaign that made worldwide headlines for its depiction of violently killed females in frocks (the slogan read: ‘Be caught dead in it’). And earlier this month, Superette published their own broadsheet magazine featuring a 10 page fashion story shot by Olivia Hemus. Their brand message is clear: when in recession, charge ahead. Wellington is a tightly controlled retail market jealously guarded by a small few power-stores. How the loyal Wellingtonians will respond to a bunch of Auckland upstarts remains to be seen. We’ll await developments with keen interest.


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  1. Marek says

    F*cken lol. Whats the point in entering as market that GAG and A51 already have on lock. Haha are they trying to prove something? At least they could make an effort and try and stock something different as opposed to blatantly stepping on toes. Oh well, all the best to them and their commercial suicide…

  2. Anon says

    They stock pretty much the same shiz that GAG does – only they lack the connection with Wellington that Ruben, Ash and the crew have fostered. I just don’t get what they’ have to offer.

  3. Anon says

    I think Superette WGTN will be awesome!!!! GAG are amazing but will definitely create some good competetion. I have had nothing but pleasant experiences with Superette everytime as a fellow Wellingtonian buying online and shopping in AKL. Area 51 Wgtn is laaaame. No concept of good customer service there, not sure if their retail assistants know how to greet customers properly – puts you off shopping there.

  4. Anon1 says

    They are dreaming…it’ll take more than scoop neck tees, scented candles and crappy service to convert any Wellingtonians. Give them 18 months before they retract back to Auckland…

  5. Bobbybob says

    they will need some new/ good guys labels. Otherwise it will be like Auckland. Same old sh*t in every store! be intersting to see though..

  6. says

    Bring it on! Wellington needs a bit more variety than just the up market indie stuff and street culture clothing. As long as they dont come in thinking they can own the show some healthy competition would probably be good for Wellymassive. Churr.

  7. Indy says

    A51 and Stable are owned by the same person and I have always enjoyed the people there. Laidback, helpful and friendly.

  8. Dobby says

    “up market indie stuff and street culture clothing” – this is exactly what superette sells. No “more variety” will result i’m afraid to say.

  9. says

    Wooo I can’t wait! And so soon after Topshop! But I agree… hopefully they’re not pretentious and snobbish like some other ‘cool’ retail assistants , one bad experience and I’ll never go back.

  10. oldgirl says

    so interesting to read what people say, as a retailer not of such cool labels but still a retailer it seems to me it will come down to how the shop staff will make people feel, to cool for school will not work these days ,

  11. Anna H says

    While it’s all very well and good I think Wellingtonians will stick with those who have always given them good service. I don’t know why anyone would buy the pieces from the new store when they are stocked in A51 and GAG who are owned locally.

  12. Style_runners says

    But hopefully they will change it up a bit for Wellington. Area 51 in Auckland CBD is VERY different to the Area 51 in Wellington and to be honest I prefer the Auckland one. Maybe if Superette comes to Wellington they will bring some new stuff, fingers crossed!

  13. Style_runners says

    Absolutely. There is a store in Wellington above Kate Sylvester called Stable, and the people in there make you feel really welcome. I always enjoy going in there and thats what Superette needs if they want to survive, good basic customer service and smiles. Not enough of that at A51 if Im honest.

  14. chewy says

    It’s something wellington needs. but I struggle to see it really taking off considering such a gap between social/cultural scenes

  15. Kate O says

    I’ve had mixed service from Superette in Auckland, and will be difficult to beat the lovely people in GAG! It is a bonus though having a stockist of SGC, correct me if i’m wrong but neither Area51 or GAG stock SGC clothing..

  16. Follies says

    Superette charges an arm and a leg for a white t-shirt. Don’t get me wrong, the stuff is good quality. But the service – especially at the Ponsonby store, is the worst I’ve ever experienced. They stare at you like ‘what are YOU doing in here’.. they’re only retail assistants not the bloody queen.. GAG however, friendly as can be. In saying this – its just the Superette store heading to Welly, they’ll be hiring the locals. So I’m sure the service will be great.. looking forward!

  17. Style_runners says

    Maybe youve had better experiences than I have. Haha. I just dont find them the greatest sales-people Ive ever met. However I am more of a Hunters and Collectors, Zambesi and World kind of guy. I dont know. Ill go in next time Im in that area.

    Hey Isaac, do you know if the Superette is going in in the old Paris Texas store?

  18. The Emarald Parlour says

    i dont think its about a particuar store. i will buy from GAG to Area, to St Vinnys to Ziggurat. its about who has the stuff i love! $800-$8 at an op shop. Mix that sh*t up and W E L O M E Superette. Lets see what you got

    PS: GAG have great service! Dont be sensitive man

  19. Benny says

    Its interesting. Does anyone even remember what it wa like to find good clothes before GAG opened up? I pretty much had to eBay everything.

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