#1555 Lonely Hearts and NO Magazine are throwing a big ol’ party for Halloween

Dust off your creepy costumes and fill up your candy jar because Halloween’s a-comin’. To celebrate, Lonely Hearts and NO Magazine are joining forces to throw a sweet costume party. In a marvellous display of creativity (and proving that paper invites are oh so noughties), a short film was emailed out to lucky recipients requesting their RSVPs. Shot by upcoming star director – and boyfriend of my second cousin Pansy – Tim Van Dammen, the clip depicts Van Dammen himself wiping ketchup all over his mouth then playing zombie. What follows may disturb some viewers – consider yourself warned. Steve Ferguson of Lonely Hearts gave me thumbs-up to blog the video, and in doing so, allowed the time, date and location of the party all to be revealed. Spoiler: it’s going to be held at Victoria Park Markets on Saturday 30 October, and starts at 8:00pm. This might just be the best party of the year, so attempted sneak-ins would be advised. Just make sure you look the part – dressing-up is essential. I’m still tossing up between Jersey Shore and 1920s-era tennis player, but seeing as I don’t get too many opportunities to wear my Ed Hardy pleather jacket, Jersey Shore is winning at this stage. Party-goers beware, you’re in for a scare!


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