#1562 Stolen Girlfriends Club breaks out the Heavy Metal (and the jam jars) in Sydney

Dempsey Stewart as shot by Derek Henderson. Photos: Katherine Lowe

Stolen Girlfriends Club reportedly ordered 1000 jam jars for their jewellery launch in Sydney on Thursday night. That’s a whole lotta glassware. It was a well-mannered but noisy affair, filled with good looking young Sydney-siders shouting out to each other across the room. A table was set up in the centre with the jewellery lying unguarded on top. “We want people to pick it up and try it on,” said SGC’s Luke Harwood. When asked if he was concerned about the very real possibility of theft, he joked, “We hand-selected all the people in this room. If one of them takes something home it’ll probably be good product placement.”

Accompanying the collection was a short film shot by fellow Kiwi Derek Henderson and featuring the first couple of Australasian modelling, Jasper Seven and Dempsey Stewart. In it, the two characters are depicted alone and lonely, gazing wistfully off a balcony or reclining sadly in a bubble bath. The separation is cut quite jarringly by regular flashbacks of the couple enthusiastically making out accompanied by thrashing heavy metal. The jewellery made a guest appearance.

Check out the collection here.

Stolen Girlfriend’s Club’s Marc Moore and Huffer’s Steve Dunstan.

Seven – the number of rings I could fit on one finger.

Katherine with rings and jam jar.

Tough guys drink straight from the bottle.

The second coolest dude at the party – rolled up stonewashed jeans, white Vans and a turquoise and blue polka dot shirt. Holla.

The coolest dude at the party.

With fellow Kiwis Sasha Carlson (left) and Elliott Serjeant (right).


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