#1566 Zippora Seven reaches new heights, bags DKNY campaign

Photo: supplied

Forget the little engine, Zippora Seven is the little model who could. Standing at five foot seven and a half (which is short by modelling standards), Seven’s career has been impressive for a model of any height. Since starting out in New Zealand and blitzing the local market with campaigns for Kate Sylvester, Ruby, Zambesi and Glassons, she’s gone on to gain a cult-like following on the blogosphere and is a regular editorial go-to-girl, particularly in the Australasian magazines. There’s just something about Zippora. Seven’s latest coup is the DKNY Resort 2010 campaign, which she stars in alongside Keke Lindgard, Amanda Norgaard, Hyoni Kang, and Lyndsey Scott. And according to Seven’s mother, there may be more where that came from. We’ll be waiting. Congratulations to Zippora Seven, our tallest short poppy. GO THE KIWIS!


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  1. Mercedesacarr says

    Oh my gosh people, am I the only one who thinks it looks a lot like her, Anyway i can confirm it is definitely Zippy, who else has those elf ears ?, but its not the best scan, in the real, you can see its her easily
    Anyway, she looks great and really sells that red dress, she stands out in an amazing cast, so has done a great job for the brand!! Congratulations Zippy!

  2. Ursula says

    Its definitely Zippora in the campaign, they bleached her hair and eyebrows for the job, so she does look a little alienesque, but I love it!

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