#1568 Nick D spent most of his time spewing while shooting Making Tracks in Beirut

Nick D has spent the past 12 months shooting his ethno-music series Making Tracks in countries as far-flung as Ukraine, Japan and Ghana. The show chronicles his adventures as he travels the globe on a mission to get international artists to record covers of Kiwi songs. Tonight’s episode takes place in Lebanon’s capital Beirut and features a Lebanese singer covering Smashproof’s single Brother. But according to Nick D, things took a messy turn when he arrived in the Middle East.

“Beirut was definitely one of the craziest episodes to shoot from a production perspective. I think most people have this image of shooting a travel show as being this high-flying lap-of-luxury casual jaunt around the globe, but the reality is it’s a lot of mad dashing, sleepless nights and a lot of sweaty times in general. Beirut was especially sweaty, it was the last of the first four episodes we’d shot and we’d just come from Ghana, our producer Dean got detained by a psycho hotel owner and was stuck in Accra, I was bung as on malaria pills and a no sleep/bad diet/general wonky combo and was literally fighting with all my might not to spew on everyone I was interviewing – whilst trying not to poo my pants, and generally tempers were starting to fray. We got there in the end though, and it’s a really beautiful heartfelt cover this episode. Beirut is a city that has been ravaged by war for four decades so as you can imagine, everyone’s got a pretty interesting story to tell. And yeah, it has to be one of the most beautiful cities I’ve ever visited”

Making Tracks plays on C4 at 10:00pm on Tuesday nights. I had a chance to listen to the Lebanese cover of Brothers last week and loved it.


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