#1569 If you’re only going to buy one high/low designer collaboration this season, make it Lanvin for H&M

Photos: GQ

Lanvin has done the menswear-buying public two great favours in the designing of its capsule collection for H&M. The first, and most obvious, is accessibility in regards to pricepoint. At retail, the pieces range in price from £14.99 for a tee shirt to £149.99 for a suit. The second, is accessibility in regards to wearability. Lanvin’s menswear collections are complex and detail heavy, and often constructed in fabrics typically reserved for couture. I always think the clothes are incredible and beautiful but near impossible to wear unless you’re a billionaire flâneur. Luxurious coloured silk blazer and trouser sets might sound romantic, but romance swiftly dies when you’re cutting down trees and engaging in other typical masculine pursuits. The Lanvin collection for H&M appears to be a pared back version of designer Lucas Ossendrijver’s best work. Amazing coats, sophisticated eveningwear, quirky accessories and perfect shirting – all boxes are ticked. My favourite of the lot is the midnight blue shawl-lapel tuxedo jacket (above). It doesn’t get any better than that.

See it all below.

The 40 piece collection hits stores in 200 locations on Tuesday 23 November. If you’re in one of those countries lucky enough to get the goods, get in there as quickly as possible. No doubt it’ll sell out within hours, and quite deservedly.


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  1. nomis says

    The London store will be so rough lol, I went there the day that Viktor and Rolf came out and it was just people grabbing every size of what they wanted, finding a place to try it, then throwing what they didn’t want on the ground.. and that was just the menswear section….

  2. fashion westie says

    grrr nz. sometimes being a kiwi sucks the big, fat kumara. i like the guys stuff (am i allowed to refer to it as ‘stuff’ or is that bad form?) more than the ladies…howevs, nina from the style hive does rock her tee rather well.

  3. nico says

    is this another reason to shop again? well, maybe. i remember seeing the comme des garcons jacket with ‘slit’ detail on the discount rack a while ago. hopefully lanvin’s wont end up that way.

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