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I’m currently in Wellington working on a newspaper feature which leaves me with no time to blog, so in the meantime, here are the most interesting stories I’ve read all day:

Androgynous Aussie male model Andrej Pejic finds himself nude in the latest Vogue Italia alongside a whole slew of other androgynous (and nude) models. [Frockwriter]

The NO Magazine X Lonely Hearts Halloween party was a rousing success because everybody followed the rules and dressed up. I went as Pee Wee Herman, Katherine was Monica Seles, and Christopher Landon was a junkie. [NO Magazine]

In other Australian modelling news, Gemma Ward may have gotten herself another film role for her 23rd birthday. Beats a book voucher. [Frockwriter]

GAP and Facebook are coming together to give away 10,000 pairs of jeans using a new Facebook app that seems suspiciously like Four Square. The moral of that story is, free jeans! [The Cut]

Hermes isn’t too happy about LVMH sneakily acquiring 17% of the largely family-owned French luxury house. They want Bernard Arnault to sell the shares. A quick look at Bernard Arnault’s wildly successful business career would sugggest he probably won’t be doing that. [The Cut]

If you’re confused as to how LVMH managed to buy 17% of Hermes without anybody knowing about it, here’s a jolly good explanation. [OO o OO]

Kanye West compared designing his first sneaker for Louis Vuitton to a kid playing a video game, and was “heart-broken” when the process was finished. [Fashionista]

Sir Edmund Hillary’s Rolex is for sale. Te Papa, if you’re reading, please buy it. [Crane Brothers]

And here’s one from the archives. Filmstar and salad dressing tycoon Paul Newman died two years ago, but in 1995, he allowed a GQ correspondent to come into his home for a rare interview. It’s a beautifully written profile, and a touching insight into a celebrity’s character. The greatest concern of Newman’s career was whether his success was due to his looks or his talent. [GQ]


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  1. demi says

    And some more modeling news… rumour has it Jessica Clarke got the D&G campaign alongside Auguste Abeliunaite, Keke Lindgard and Julia Turenkova.

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