#1572 Father of G-Shock Kikuo Ibe only owns two G-Shocks

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G-Shock relaunched itself to the fashion market with a rather large, rather noisy and rather expensive party last month. Among the attractions were watch collaborations with local designers and stores (Misery, Qubic and Huffer), live performances by DJ Just Blaze and David Dallas, photobooths and arcade games, and free watches to lucky recipients (I got a very cool red one). Father of G-Shock Kikuo Ibe was on hand to take interviews. I managed to nab him for a moment before he left the country, and found, to my great surprise, that he only owns two G-Shocks. Check out the the little Q&A below.

When did you design the G-Shock?
I started its development in 1981 and completed the product in 1983.

What does the G stand for?
For me, G-Shock means ‘product of constant effort’ because I met huge obstacles to create it.

Were you working for Casio when you designed it or did you later sell the design to them?
I was working for Casio when I designed it.

What are the craziest ways you’ve tested the G-Shock’s strength?
Running over it by a large dump truck was pretty crazy.

How strong is it?
We have had many tests so far, but G-shock has never broken.

How many have sold worldwide?
Over 50,000,000 pieces

How many do you personally own?
I own 2 G-Shocks. One is the first G-Shock, DW-5000, and another is DW-5600, the same/similar design of DW-5000.

What has life been like since the G-Shock was created?
Before G-Shock was created, watches needed to be treated with care. However, after its creation, the G-Shock watch could be treated roughly, as if it is part of your body. Therefore, people have started using G-shock in many scenes/occasions and I am very thankful to this. Does this mean how G-Shock changed Ibe san’s life? My life has not been changed very much. I just have a huge feeling of gratitude to so many people.


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  1. miaowkat says

    Gotta love it though. I mean who needs like a million watches anyways? One watch that is versatile is good enough! I still find watches a function over style thing. Maybe that’s because I’m old fashioned.

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