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Now that it’s official that every man and his dog has a menswear style blog, it was only time before somebody came along and decided to poke a little fun at the flock’s expense. And it is a flock – read five on any given day and you’re likely to be looking at the same stories (much like gossip blogs, or the news or any other field, really). Brands favoured are typically anything Americana, heritage or elitely traditional; guru-esque advice is given free of charge; and one good photo will be posted, reposted, noted, retweeted and liked until it’s come back full circle. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m a massive fan of many of these menswear style blogs. I read plenty of them every day and they’re a great source of inspiration, education and information. But when people feel extra-strongly about their subject – as menswear bloggers quite obviously do, parodying them becomes all the easier. And that’s where F*** Yeah Menswear comes in.

F*** Yeah Menswear began on October the 22nd and has swiftly become the most talked about site on the menswear style blogosphere. You see, menswear style bloggers love F*** Yeah Menswear. And so they should. It’s the truth.

Here’s a sample:

“Dropped out of law school.

To follow my dreams.

My calling.

Is to be f***ing major.

To write about men’s clothing.

On the internet.

It’s what I was born to do.

The freshest of prophecies.

I am baby Moses.

Draped in Hill-Side chambray.

Floating down the Nile.

In a Makr rucksack.

Fulfilling my destiny.

This aint some noob pipe dream.

I’ve been in the game for a minute.

Going on 4 months.

A true OG.

Who learned from the greats.

Who studied the GOATs.

This aint gonna be some lame ass Tumblog.

Reblogging dudes laced in LEC.

F*** that.

Nah, I’ma have the dopest writeups.

Based on some other dude’s writeups.

The dopest product reviews.

Based on some other dude’s purchases.

Breaking the dopest news.

That I read on Valet.

I can copy and paste these f***ing PR blasts with the best of ‘em.

The best Definitive Touch since Swipelife.

The best Swipelife since Selectism.

To run the game you need to be the f***ing game.

Nah mean?

On some Pinnochio type s***.

I’m a real blogger.

My journey starts today.

Time to get noticed.

Busted open the piggy bank.

Blew my last stack copping some McNasty saddles at the Barney’s Warehouse Sale.

These red bricks sizzle, homie.

Aint no thing.

Catch me doing a buck 60 in my Macbook.

Swerving through comments.

Catch me in Duane Reade.

Blowing AdSense paper on Top Ramen.

Catch me at launch parties.

Telling b****es I write for a living.

Catch me on Twitter.

Snagging my 300th follower.

Called up my moms.

She’s hella proud.

I’m a real blogger.

My journey starts today.”

He can read minds.


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