#1582 AUT’s Rookie Show is on tonight, and Sam Hickey is the one to watch

Photos: Rebekkah Farrell

Every year a new crop of fashion students graduates and leaves the safety of their respective colleges to embark on careers within the industry. Some, like Yves Saint Laurent, will be snapped up young and transported straight onto the world stage. Others won’t be so fortunate (but hey, they can always start a blog). The annual graduate show is a rite of passage and offers an opportunity to designers and editors to view emerging talent. It also gives the graduates a pretty amazing opportunity to show off their work to the people who matter. The Auckland University of Technology (AUT) Rookie Show is on tonight. Appearing in the lineup is third year menswear student Samuel Joseph. I’ve seen a few photos of his collection and he is definitely one to watch. He combines tailored menswear with poppy elements that look like they’d be a hit among the ever-growing, fast-fashion-loving-masses. Watch this space. And see you at the show!


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