#1583 Lauren Nuttall designed my favourite look at AUT’s Rookie Show

Photo: Katherine Lowe

Kudos to AUT for putting on such a great show last night. The standard of design and make was extremely high for a student offering, and exaggerations aside, it was easily the best graduate performance I’ve ever seen. Best in show goes to Lauren Nuttall, who graces magazine covers in her spare time, and whose final look (pictured above) would have been one of the most sophisticated on offer even at New Zealand Fashion Week back in September. That girl is one to watch. Particularly impressive was her sleeveless woolen blazer with mini rolled lapels, and the cuffed black pants beneath a dramatic sheer cotton organdie. Kids these days! Nuttall’s boyfriend told me that she has recently taken a job at Zambesi – sounds like a perfect fit.


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  1. Fac1245 says

    Lauren’s work was very professional indeed but it certainly wasn’t the best work we have seen from AUT. Isaac, don’t use “have been one of the most sophisticated on offer even at New Zealand Fashion Week back in September” assumption.

    now go and hang with your Katherine.

  2. Susan chen says

    Agree with you to some extend. I think her work is quite mature for a AUT graduate. However, heavily influenced by Zambezi. I think originality plays a key part in design. It comes with life experience personality and a lot of other stuff. That’s why it is hard to become a designer.

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