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Photo: Tattoome

1. This 13 year old kid from Russia has been tattooed all over by his father, who, unsurprisingly, is a tattoo artist – a crazy, irresponsible tattoo artist. Does he look cool? Sure. Is it morally acceptable? Absolutely not. Could this kid be the world’s next Ash Stymest? Quite possibly.

2. I had my wisdom teeth taken out yesterday. It was a very strange experience. One minute the anaesthetist was asking me about life as a fashion blogger, the next minute the nurse was telling me Katherine was there to take me home. General anaesthetic sure does knock you out cold. In related news, my face has now swollen up about three times larger than normal. These photos don’t really do it justice.

3. In art world news, tattooist-turned-fine-artist Scott Campbell recently lit an entire sold out show’s worth of works on fire outside the Mexico City gallery in which it was being shown because he didn’t like how the curator had, “started to get a little too pushy,” and “kept talking about how they had made [Campbell] money.” In this Interview Magazine exclusive, Campbell honestly and fairly discusses his motivation behind the art fire. It’s a great read, and he comes across as a particularly cool dude. I met him when he came down to NZ for an exhibition at Plaything and he was awesome.

4. Codeine makes you really fricken drowsy.

5. Some of my best friends are PR agents but I still think PR is the devil’s work. I’ve had experiences where PR friends use the fact that we’re friends to persuade me not to write something or to hold off on writing something because it will – in their words – ‘damage the work they’re trying to do for their client’. In other words, I’ve been played. It generally results in a feeling of extreme bitterness and regret at not having just written what I wanted to write in the first place. The moral of that story is, there are no friends in business. Kiwi expat blogger Cactus Kate writes a fascinating story about PR agents attempting to coerce her into researching and breaking stories to make them more easily accessible to the mainstream media. She says she’ll do so, but only for lots of money. Go her.

6. The new J Crew menswear collection is pretty darn good looking. I particularly like the watermelon sweater/white pants combo in look six and the patchwork pants in look seven.

Photo: Huffington Post

7. Remember how Marissa Cooper from The OC used to be the skinniest girl on television and people used to freak out about how she was anorexic and a bad role model for adolescent females? Have you watched Gossip Girl recently? Serena Van der Woodsen, Blair Waldorf and Jenny Humphrey make Marissa Cooper look like a roundy by comparison. Amazing how much our concept of super-thin has changed.

8. Jezebel calls this video highlights package Kanye West’s most ridiculous on-air moments. While a few of the clips are indeed ridiculous, I disagree. It’s too easy to hate on Kanye West. To quote the man himself, “You gotta love it though, somebody still speak from his soul.”

9. I interviewed a particularly successful businessman for a magazine profile a couple of weeks ago down in Wellington. One of the pearls of wisdom I gleaned was the following: “If a business relies on one person then you don’t have a business.” My response: Thank God I have Katherine.

10. I genuinely believe the best tee shirt available right now is the AS Colour Men’s Organic Tee in natural. Get on it.


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  1. says

    I beg to disagree with number 7: part of what I love about Leighton Meester and Blake Lively is the fact that they look healthy. Blake is voluptuous (as she continually demonstrates with her fashion choices), while Leighton is stunning whilst having a healthy amount of meat on her arms. If anything, I think these Gossip Girls are healthy role models in a society with the Kate Bosworths.


  2. talk2dahand says

    i also disagree with no. 7 – blake and leighton look healthy where as mischa barton looked boney and they don’t look like they’re on the verge of cracking out.

  3. isaaclikes says

    Hey Enya,

    By ‘voluptuous’ do you mean that Blake Lively has breasts? Marilyn Monroe was voluptuous, she was a size 14.

    Seriously, compare and contrast Blake Lively or Leighton Meester with Mischa Barton and you’ll see how much has changed.

    We’re so inundated with skinny girls now – you calling Blake Lively voluptuous is a perfect example. A size 6 girl with breasts cannot possibly be considered voluptuous.

    I’m not suggesting either of those girls have eating disorders (nor am I suggesting that they don’t) but if they’re the healthy role models for young girls to look up to then all I can say is that it sucks to be a young girl right now.

  4. Susanchen says

    I don’t think there is anything wrong with tattooing your own child. He seems quite proud of showing off his tattoo anyway. Tattoo is just a form of art or fashion, who knows what’s moral or not in a few years time.

  5. C Fallow says

    Meh, Blake has an ass. And even though she’s certainly lost a load of weight since Travelling Pants and even Season 1 of GG, I think she looks pretty healthy.

    What IS more concerning though is what she promotes through her obvious plastic surgery. Anyone seen photos/videos of her pre-nose job?! It’s really sad.
    Personally I find the obsession with cosmetic enhancement these days WAY more disturbing. I rarely look at pictures of celebrities now without thinking about how ‘plastic-surgeried’ everyone looks :(

  6. Non says

    “8. Jezebel calls this video highlights package Kanye West’s most ridiculous on-air moments. While a few of the clips are indeed ridiculous, I disagree. It’s too easy to hate on Kanye West. To quote the man himself, “You gotta love it though, somebody still speak from his soul.”

    The Jezebel template (and the template of all Gawker websites) is to, as Slate’s media critic Jack Shafer said, deliver “rote poundings to their subjects with a monotonous sadism that makes few distinctions among worthy and unworthy targets.” I hit this realisation a few years ago when some Gawker writer said Jay McInerney was subhuman and should commit suicide because there was no purpose to his existence. McInerney’s only crimes appear to be writing some samey novels and being a cad.

    Also: the link the Kanye West highlights reel is actually a link to the Ash Stymest tag on your blog. Here’s the link: http://jezebel.com/5688773/kanye-wests-most-ridiculous-on+air-moments

  7. says

    has anyone actually looked at marilyn monroe recently? pictures of her i mean. she was really not that much bigger than some of the starlets of today. perhaps she was a size 14, back then, but that is dramatically different to what a size 14 is today. look at any vintage pattern and you’ll see a 14 often has a bust measurment of 34″ which is closer to a today’s size ten. also sizing is a totally misconstruide mesurement. no two size tens are created equal so why do people feel they are defined by the size they wear, its ridiculous. as long as there is hollywood there are going to be underweight girls and people speculating their weight and dress size.

  8. Rebeccah says

    I think in every post where Isaac mentions weight, a fat vs skinny debate is launched. If we take into account this is a fashion blog, skinny is likely to be a more relevant issue.
    In regards to the persecution of naturally thin women, I always remember Isaac coming back from the Milan and Paris fashion weeks and saying how on Day 1 in Milan he was horrified by how skeletal the models were. By the end of the week he had adjusted and thought it was normal. I think that this same ‘adjustment’ occurs when we are saturated in media images of increasingly thin women. I can’t accept that Blake Lively is voluptuous.
    I do agree, however, that if we look beyond the world of fashion, fat is definitely a pervasive issue.

  9. Leesha says

    thankyou issac! because i am sick of all these skinny girls out there. sure, i’m a size zero and weigh 45kg… but i eat healthy, live healthy and do healthy amounts of exercise. sick of all these way too skinny not healthy girls making my normal healthy body size not so healthy…

  10. says

    In essence, I think that we are both in agreement that the celebrity/fashion industry is often over-represented with under-nourished women in the pursuit of an unhealthy body image. It is the age-long debate of image portrayal and the roles assumed by celebrities in the shaping of the physical and mental maturity of young girls across the globe. I only beg to differ in my view that both of these gossip girls look healthy, in contrast to Mischa Barton in her OC days, as pointed out by ‘talk2dahand’ above.

    I often find in these types of discussions that the fear of eating disorders has seen the unfair persecution of the women of naturally thin build. Somehow, it has increasingly become ok to subject healthy slim women to speculations and judgement about their weight and eating habits. It is the role-reversal of the persecution suffered by the obese, yet it is no less an offense. I work in the medical profession and I will be a doctor in the not-so-distant future. I see the entire spectrum of ailments brought about by obesity, and through my immersion in this environment I find myself casting ‘overweight’ (BMI>25) as the ‘norm’ of society. I automatically perceive an obese person (BMI>30) as ‘being of larger build’ instead of ‘obese’, and I believe that this shift in weight perception is prevailing throughout our entire society as we get bigger and bigger. THIS is a point that is often neglected in discussions such as these, because the obesity epidemic is the one that we hear in one ear and choose to forget through the other. Where we ‘over-worry’ about anorexia, we greatly ‘under-worry’ about obesity, and speculations over healthy-looking Size 6 women kind of exemplifies this. Essentially though, who are we to know (and to judge) how these celebrities really are.

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