#1590 I went to Sydney to shoot a Cornetto TV Commercial (and it was pointy)

Photos: Nicole Warne

Remember how I was in Sydney last month shooting a campaign on the beach for a pointy product that goes hand in hand with summer? I can now reveal that the pointy product was in fact Cornetto. But here’s the exciting bit: everybody in the ad was a blogger. Oh my social media! Accompanying me on set was Nicole Warne from Gary Pepper Vintage, Amanda Thomas from Here Comes The Sun, Lorraine Elliott from Not Quite Nigella, Adrian Fernand from I Do Believe I Came With a Hat, Mark Ipaviz from Matinee Idol and Melbourne band Johnny Rock and the Limits. It was a blast. The campaign launches on December the first and will include TV commercials, billboards, busbacks plus a massive social media campaign with lots of giveaways. Check out all the behind the scenes photos plus a little video sneak-peek below.


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  1. dialaj1 says

    that would have been so much fun, you wee media star you……one another subject just started reading Blow byBlow about Isabella Blow, I think you would enjoy it, a great crazy women…………….have you read a Beautful Fall yet….I am giving you a reading list LOL

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